WASHINGTON COLLEGE 300 Washington Ave Chestertown, MD 21620 IDEAWORKS Innovation Suite Library and Academic Technology Miller Library, Lower Level

Discover. Create. Collaborate. Innovate.

IDEAWORKS at Washington College

There was a time when you could follow a simple formula to success: Work hard in college and climb the corporate ladder.  Due to today’s complex global economy, our students now have to navigate a maze.


To navigate this elaborate maze, today’s student will need to employ creative and critical thinking, learn from mistakes and solve complex problems through iterative design.  They need to know how to communicate effectively.  They need to know how to pivot, how to adapt, how to revise, how to persevere. They need to think divergently.


To be successful in today’s world, our students must develop a Maker Mindset.  The IDEAWORKS Innovation Suite is a platform that embraces, nurturers, and develops the Maker Mindset in all of us, no matter what your area of study.  Join us!  Come Discover, Create, Collaborate, and Innovate with us!

The IDEAWORKS Innovation Suite is a part of Library and Academic Technology at Washington College.