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Although we can’t document all the amazing designs, projects, and prototypes that are created in the IDEAWORKS Innovation Suite, we have cherry picked a handful of examples that showcase innovative new designs, creativity, or a new twist on a tried and true concept.

ICARUS (Intense Contained ARtificial Ultraviolet Sanitizer) is a device that utilizes UV-C light for non-invasive equipment sanitization.  

ICARUS utilizes an Arduino microcontroller and sensors to detect that conditions are safe for operating the UV-C light, and that the sanitization process is consistent and thorough.  An internal rotary tray ensures objects are bathed in UV-C light from all angles while powerful electromagnets hold the door tightly shut.  When the operation is complete, the door automatically opens to let you know it is done and safe.

BrightBoard is an inexpensive low-tech tool to make online learning more effective.

The move to teaching online can be a lot of work.  Faculty are already challenged with adapting their curriculum even before adding potential technology struggles.  BrightBoard lets faculty continue to present using a teaching tool they’ve been using their whole lives – their natural handwriting.

Harnessing the power of the sun in an applied engineering challenge


Winner of the Wye River Electric Boat Marathon:

  •   • 2020 – 1st Place in class – 2nd overall
  •   • 2019 – 1st Place in class – 3rd overall

IDEAWORKS has led the Makers Union club in creating an all-electric powerboat to race in the annual Wye River Challenge Electric Boat Marathon.  Each year, team from across the country travel to the Miles River Yacht Club to compete in 25 mile endurance race – powered solely buy electric power.  Student engineers embrace Learning-by-Doing in this hands-on feat.

The IDEAWORKS Innovation Suite is a part of Library and Academic Technology at Washington College.