Goodbye, and Good Luck

By Alisha George

This is the last issue of The Elm this academic year. This is my very last newspaper as Editor-in-Chief. Where has the time gone?

Actually, I could probably guess where it went, since not a bit of that time has been boring. I could have never guessed what Washington College had in store for me freshman year when I was busy dodging bugs in the shower in Kent House and finding it hard to make many friends–though loving my classes and working on The Elm.

What I have done during my time on campus, though, I cannot imagine having experienced anywhere else. If you had told me all that I would do at WC, I would have never believed you.

I went to Hong Kong and Taiwan. I learned how to be a journalist. I met the most amazing, talented, and caring people that will be my lifelong friends. I’ve made mistakes along the way and I’ve opened my eyes to how much I love, and want to help, people all around the world.

I’m glad that through my jobs and hobbies on campus, I have met such a wide array of people who have opened my eyes to so many different things. I came here naïve but am leaving with a heightened sense of awareness to the differences that make this a remarkable world.

This past year, especially, has been truly extraordinary. I could not have asked for a better Elm staff. They work hard every week to produce amazing work. They work tirelessly to make the newspaper what it is. I can’t imagine spending a Wednesday night without them and I will miss them more than they will know. Thank you and keep up the great work in the future! It’s good to know I am leaving The Elm in great hands with junior Alice Horner. Keep up the great work–I know you’ll do a fantastic job next year as Editor-in-Chief.

I’m proud of what WC is and the goals it has for the future. I hope, though, that WC remains dedicated to producing ethical citizens and maintains high academic standards. Traditions are important to WC and must remain so. I know administration, faculty and staff will keep making important decisions that will positively benefit the campus community and remain dedicated to their jobs.

During my four years at Washington College, I have experienced the academic, social, and political sides of campus. All I’ve been through here–my academic successes and failures, the amazing people I’ve met and the objection and praise I’ve received from faculty, administration and staff–have shaped me into the person I am. I would not trade this past four years for anything.

I would like to thank everyone on campus that has been supportive of the newspaper this year, especially those who have gone out of their way to help The Elm. I would like to give a very special thanks to Connie Godwin and Margie Elsberg for taking the time to voluntarily advise The Elm staff each week during this spring semester and Director of the C.V. Starr center Adam Goodheart for putting us in touch with them. Also, a very big thank you to Vice President for College Relations and Marketing Meredith Hadaway and her staff for putting together the Publications Bootcamp at the beginning of this academic year and John Lang for advising The Elm and teaching the journalism course during the fall semester.

Everyone who I’ve met at WC has made such an important impact on my life and I am so very grateful. Though I’m nervous about leaving this place that I love, I know I have a great education and invaluable experiences that will take me far in life. Good luck, seniors and live it up, underclassmen. It will be over sooner than you think.

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