New OSA Interns Share Goals for 2010-2011 Year

By Tim Armstrong
Elm Staff Writer

The Office of Student Activities would like to welcome two more of our 2010-2011 intern staff. We hope these two individuals will achieve their goals in the next upcoming year.

Name: Lillian Muir

OSA web development intern

Class: Rising senior

Major: Anthropology

Minor: Gender studies

Goals for OSA next year:

“To continue improving the OSA

website and for WC students to

utilize it as a resource for campus

involvement,” Muir said.

Name: Kris Wilson

OSA Program production intern

Class: Rising junior

Major: Drama

Minor: Business

Goals for OSA next year:

“I want to learn everything there is to know about sound and light.

Also, I want to do a good job, if not better than Ed Hoegg, and finally tech some pretty sweet events where I can meet famous people,” Wilson said.

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