News at a Glance

By Liz Claud, Photography Editor

1. Approaching its 800th episode, COPS has been renewed by FOX for a 23rd season. Its creator John Langley said, “It’s an existential variety show–dramatic, life-threatening, philosophical and legal. We’re still the only show on television with no script, no actors, no host and no reenactments.”

2. After testing Florida markets by introducing beer to their menu, Burger King is at it again. It has introduced a new brunch menu in Massachusetts that includes mimosas and cibattia breakfast sandwiches. The mimosas are non-alcoholic (O.J. and Sprite).

3. reports that 7-11 is introducing a premium beer at a value price called “Game Day,” which comes in both “Light” and “Ice.” Price reports vary, but you can get a 24-oz single for around $1.77, or a 12-pack for around $7.99. Available in 4,200 stores in 17 states, 7-11 hopes “Game Day” will be a very competitive beer. Nathan Vernon, 26, of Harlem is quoted in the article saying, “I’m a big fan of 7-Eleven and I like buying in bulk. I can see myself inviting some friends over and passing around the Game Day beer and playing Wii.”

4. All tweets have a new home next to the Declaration of Independence. The Library of Congress has announced that it has acquired every tweet in existence. Since Twitter began in March of 2006, there are billions in the database. Twitter executives say they have 105 million registered users and are adding around 300,000 new ones every day, and there are about 50 million new tweets every day.

5. The Supreme Court is hearing a case about a California SWAT team officer who sued the city of Ontario, California for violating his privacy after superiors looked at personal messages he sent on his work-issued pager. He had been sending texts to both his estranged wife and girlfriend, whom he worked with. While I’m sure this is an important decision, the news-worthy part of the argument is the Justices’ complete lack of technological knowledge. Chief Justice John Roberts asked, “What’s the difference between e-mail and a pager?” At another point, Justice Anthony Kennedy asked, “All right, what would happen if a text message was sent at the exact same time another text message was sent? Does it say ‘Your call’s important to us and we’ll get back to you’?”

6. Brad Bisallion, a passenger aboard American Airlines Flight 1203 from Toronto to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, posted a picture of the plane he flew on, which had duct tape on the wing. American Airlines confirmed this, and said it was called “high-speed tape,” in the aviation industry. An aviation consultant said, “I would be surprised if today, right now, there’s not an airplane on every airline in the United States that’s not flying around with some of this stuff on it.”

7. PCWORLD reports that 3D TVs are not for the pregnant, drunk, or tired. Analysts predict as many as four million 3D televisions could be sold this year. Samsung is making sure consumers are aware of potential side effects from the technology. User manuals warn that the viewer could experience intense headaches, eye strain, fatigue and/or dryness or blurred vision, muscle twitches, problems with balance, nausea, or light-headedness. Absolutely no alcohol can be consumed while you’re watching it, and users should take frequent breaks.

8. The FDA has confirmed the research of Dr. Elizabeth Brooks, a biological science professor at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. She conducted a much-quoted two-year study on public makeup testers when she was with Rowan University in New Jersey about five years ago. She said, “We went to department stores, specialty stores, drug stores. Everywhere.” Her researchers found staph, strep, and even e coli bacteria in the makeup testers. Her other quote: “Whenever you see e coli, you should just think, e coli equals feces.”

9. In 2005, 150,000 of the 1.5 million kids in the U.S. were “unschooled.” The kids make the rules–no chores, no punishments and no judgment. The parents allow it as an exercise in what they call “personal exploration and discovery.” The trend has increased drastically as the Obama administration continues education reforms. CNN quoted Nailah Ellis, a 10-year-old “unschooled” Georgian who said, “I don’t want to sound pompous, but I think I am learning a little bit more, because I can just do everything at my own pace.”

10. Christina Cifaldi did something interesting in a Walmart in Cape Coral, Florida this week. She went into a fitting room with $160 in clothes. She then peed all over the clothing. No one is sure why, but she then left the store. After her “urinary attack” Cifaldi actually managed to leave her wallet and driver’s license behind. The police easily found her and charged her with criminal mischief and damage to property.

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