Fashion Profile: Sophie Laessle

By Samantha Gross
Elm Staff Writer

What caught my eye about German international student Sophies Laessle’s outfit on our trip to Washington D.C. was the pair of bright green flats that donned her feet. There was something quintessentially European about the way she wore her clothes, that je ne sais quoi that you either have or you don’t, but it was those green flats that really made her outfit stand out for me (not to mention the gorgeous jewelry donning her neck and ears).

Laessle said her flats were a purchase from Scotland, and that they are one of her favorite articles of clothing. “You can wear them with almost anything, and they always add a bit of color to the outfit,” she said.

On a whole she describes her style as a “mixture of many classy styles.” From the delicate gold jewelry to the filmy white blouse to the fitted skinny jeans, and of course, those green ballet flats, one can easily agree with such a description. But Sophie is not one to rest on one simple style. “[I am] always trying to find new and interesting combinations,[even though I am] obsessed with things that match in color and style,” said Laessle.

She cites “Mango” and “Zara” (two stores that I dearly wish to be more popular in the United States) as her favorite places to shop, Laessle encourages everyone to always try new places. “Sometimes you find the nicest clothes in places you don’t expect,” she said.

And to prove that she practices what she preaches, most of Sophie’s outfit is from Germany, but her shoes are from Scotland, and her green matching handbag (not shown) is from New York.

So what does the girl in the green ballet flats offer in terms of style advice? Laessle suggests bringing a friend who knows you and your style well whenever you go shopping–someone who can honestly tell you what looks good and what looks bad and always warns against buying clothes you are not sure about. After all, no one wants a closet full of clothes she will never wear.

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