Feeney Spikes Interest in New Volleyball Club

By Smaa Koraym

Elm Staff Writer

With a thesis in the works, an education block certification, a resident assistant position, a presidential commitment to the Educational Honor Society, and the membership and responsibility of two other honor societies, senior Lauren Feeney still finds the time to run her very own volleyball club.

The club, advocated by Director of Residential Life Carl Crowe, was created to accommodate the hectic schedules of female students like Feeney, who could not keep up with the intensity of a varsity schedule.

“Being a senior and having to write my thesis and go through the Ed block program, I too felt that I wasn’t going to have time to dedicate to a varsity schedule,” Feeny said. “I wanted to provide an opportunity for people in my position to be able to play at a competi- tive but fun level.”

When a campus wide e-mail requesting members for the club led to a response “from two to three girls a day for over a week,” Feeny said. There was a turnout of 13 committed girls, with an anticipation of many more come volleyball season.

None of this would have been possible without Crowe’s encouragement. According to Feeney, “having that strong support system is what fuels [students] to get a [club] off the ground.”

Nevertheless, it was Feeney’s determination that insured its success. After contacting other colleges and universities that have similar organizations, she understood that media, communication, and support play a big role in the insurance of a successful club.

“Having interest meetings, posting flayers, and making a Facebook page [are a great help]; everyone is on Facebook. I use that page to tell my girls that we have a meeting,” Feeney said. Most importantly, the club needs community support, not only to encour- age the members, but to help with funding through participation in bake sales, T-shirt sales, and much more. The volleyball club is off to a promising start, thanks to student involvement and a strong leader.

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