Residential Life Extends Thanks to Campus Helping Hands

By Larissa Check & Veronica
Elm Staff Writers

In our society, it is considered “good manners” to express appreciation sincerely by saying thank you, without the expectation of something in return. However, sometimes this two word phrase of gratitude can be quick. Auto-programmed, empty words just thrown out there due to etiquette.

Nonetheless, the Residential Life staff wants to express genuine and sincere thank you to all those who have helped set the tone for the first year students’ experience, and to kick off a great academic year. Being grateful matters.

We would like to take time to write out our feelings of gratitude to all those who helped get the school year started, especially with helping the new students move in and feel even more welcome in the community.

The resident assistants appreciate the peer mentors for moving students into their new dorms, helping them make new friends, taking them out on Chestertown tours, and being the first genuine friends.

We also would like to thank the fall athletes for their speedy work in moving the freshmen in as well. We would like to show some love to Darnell Parker for helping coordinate student check-in into their new dorms. Also thank you to housekeeping and buildings and grounds for preparing the dorms and halls for the new students. For their tasty and delicious meals, we thank the dining hall staff as well as the catering staff. We also appreciate Public Safety for handling the traffic flow, and keeping the campus safe as our new students move in.

We were pleased how the members of the Student Government Association took time out of their morning to greet and welcome new students as they moved in. Most resident assistants were pleased that President Mitchell Reiss came out to the building to help greet and move new students in as well.

And, last but not least, we would like to thank all our fellow resident assistants for coming out to the buildings to help greet and move new students, and for welcoming the students with great attitude and amazing hall decorations. It gives us great pleasure to see how everyone worked together, and invested their valuable time and money into making the first week of school the most memorable for most students.

We apologize if we forgot to mention any individual, group or organization that played a part in the week’s activities. We are most grateful that you are a part of the Washington College community and are involved in making this place more enjoyable, educational, and safe. Thank you.

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