SGA and SEB Come Together

By Alice Horner


For Washington College’s first Homecoming in 10 years, the Student Government Association and the Student Events Board have teamed up. This might seem ordinary, but for WC, it’s the first time in three years that the two have joined forces.

Ed Hoegg, President of the SEB, said, “There was always a little bit of a turf war. No one wanted to sit down at the same table, and say ‘let’s do something.’”

The gap surprised Andrew Antonio once he took office as the SGA president. “I came into this position thinking that these two organizations collaborated,” he said.

Antonio met with Hoegg last spring about the idea, but the detailed planning for Homecoming started a mere four weeks ago. “We came back during leadership orientation at the end of the summer, and we just flew with it,” said Hoegg.

“In the initial stage Ed and I took on the role of creating relationships to make sure this was okay,” said Antonio, noting that support from administration, faculty, and staff has been tremendous. “We haven’t met a single roadblock along the way.” The arrival of Emmanuel Lalande, director of Student Activities, has helped the two groups. “Throughout the sum- mer after he was hired, he said collaboration, collaboration, collaboration,” said Hoegg. “Since he’s been here, he’s definitely facilitated the commu- nication even more. He’s really just offering support to the SGA as much as possible, and act- ing as the go-between the two groups.”

Antonio says that apathy is a longstanding issue on campus, and both Hoegg and Antonio hope that this big event will boost student spirit.

“Student apathy has always been a problem,” said Antonio. “Homecoming was the first step in curbing that problem.”

“That mentality starts with not having a football team,” he said. “But a football team is not a prerequisite for Homecoming. If you look across the board, we’re one of the only schools that doesn’t have a Homecoming. It can only add value to the student experience.”

“We want this to be something the entire school can be involved in,” said Hoegg. “Its purpose is to build school spirit, and have fun celebrating the school and the athletes.”

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