She Said: It’s Time to Get Funky

By Alice Horner

The talk around campus is that a “homecoming” for Washington College is “lame” or “stupid;” I’m here to tell you to suck in that pride and get pumped for your school. For some reason, many students here avoid spirit, unless it’s in the form of alcohol. I’m a senior here and I still don’t understand that.
I’m a big fan of dances myself. Despite the incredible awkwardness of the whole social scene with most boys doing the frat-boy shuffle or the silent stare, I love getting my groove on. Girls love getting dressed up, putting on makeup and looking pretty. It’s a female thing to want to look good and to shake what the good Lord gave you. Dances are a time to live out fantasies and let loose. (And when a tiara is involved, it’s always a good thing.)
Which is why I don’t understand most of my classmates’ resistance to a homecoming dance. Most people say its “too high school”. Admittedly, my high school dance memories left much to be desired; it was too dark, too sweaty, and a bit too skanky for my taste. I remember a lot of standing still, aghast at the dry humping occurring three feet from me. But that has nothing to do with WC. Yeah, sure, our mascot may be unknown or sexually ambigious, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be proud Shoremen! Even if being a proud shore(wo)man means getting glitzy and dancing awkwardly on the Hodson Green.
Guys, if your bro love of WC doesn’t motivate you to slip on a tie, you will see your crush from biology class looking fine. What have you got to lose? It’s about time that WC got excited about itself.
I hope to see every student on that dance floor. And that includes you!

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