Student Spotlight: WC’s Homecoming Court

By Kim Friel
Student Life Editor

The Elm would like to put the student spotlight on those who will take the stage tomorrow evening as this year’s Homecoming court.  The nominees for Homecoming Queen are Megan Easter, Tina Gardner, Kris Kelley, Angela Bushman, and Helen Veasey while the nomineesa for Homecoming King are Matt Keller, Mike Powell, Kristian Wilson, James Bedrock, and Edward Hoegg.  These seniors, who received the most nominations from the school community two weeks ago, have never experienced a homecoming dance during their years at Washington College and are very excited to play an important role in the night’s events.
“I was pretty surprised,” said Bedrock.  “Once I heard that a few of my friends were nominting me I thought they were joking, but now I’m in the top five.”
Angela Bushman was also surprised by her nomination and admits that she doesn’t have a game plan for the final days of voting.  “Everything has happened so fast in preparing for this week,” she said.
Facebook seems to be the best campaigning aid for the Homecoming court as Tina Gardner, Megan Easter, Kris Kelley, Matt Keller, and James Bedrock all have Facebook events to feel out which members of the WC community will be voting for them.
Today is the last day to vote for Homecoming Queen and King and the crowning will take place at the Homecoming dance tomorrow evening.  All nominees feel like they are the senior who deserves the crown the most, as they are all immersely involved students and have a lot of love for WC. The Elm would like to honor these deserving nominees and we believe that all ten seniors would be able to pull off the homecoming crowns with distinction.

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