The Debate on the “Anchor Babies” and Citizenship

By Beverly Frimpong
Elm Staff Writer

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Immigration Act of 1965 uses the term “anchor babies” for children born to illegal alien mothers in the United States. This descriptive term is in reference to the burdensome weight that these children put on the US government, for they are often the loopholes through which most illegal families enter the US. Arguments have been brought forth to strip them, the children, of their citizenship.

Those who argue in favor of stripping these children of their citizenship offer two arguments. One claims that the initial amendment, the 14th, was not meant to be interpreted or applied to these situations. Thus, an illegal alien mother and her children should be subjected to the jurisdiction of her native country. Also, that it will stop the millions of immigrants pulled in by the 300,000 anchor babies born annually. Though this might seem like a solution, the subliminal message and repercussions are problematic.

The most noticeable and current subliminal message is the ever-present idea of discrimination and preference in the United States. I have seen this idea applied to all shapes, shades, forms, and norms. It is woven into the fabric of the American culture, and now has manifested itself in the question of nationality. The original amendment states: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside.” Any child born in the United States should fall under this amendment. Making the narrow distinction between Americans born of a native parent, and those who are not ia both hypocrisy and discrimination.

The 14th amendment provides no additional clause for special situations such as an illegal alien mother. One can argue that the lack of specificity shows the irrelevance of the situation during the creation of the amendment. This is because the amendment was created to grant freed slaves and their families’ citizenship. I am sure the leaders grappled with the same questions that we are dealing with presently. Not all the slaves were native born or born of a native. Yet most, if not all, received their citizenship.

This is not too far of a stretch from the children born of illegal alien mothers. Also, a further interpretation presented by, then, Senator Jacob Howard provides clear limitations to the amendment, which do not discredit alien mothers. He wrote: “This [citizenship] will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.” If we carefully read and interpret this excerpt, and are honest with ourselves, we will all reach the same conclusion: that every other class of persons includes illegal alien mothers.

The solution is for the DHS to keep the boarder secure, but if they should fall short, then they should readjust their strategy for success. Denying a natural born American of his/her birth right, and/or extraditing them along with their illegal alien mothers would be abandonment and disgrace in its purest form. Not all aliens are out to breakdown or cheat the American system, in fact, it is quite the contrary. Many simply bring their tired, poor; huddled masses yearning to breathe free, in the hopes of achieving their American dream.

However this issue is debated, puzzled over and resolved, I have unwavering faith in the American people. When it comes down to it, the purity of America’s will, always, shines through its blissful benightedness.

One thought on “The Debate on the “Anchor Babies” and Citizenship

  1. Scrutinize the growing list of Democrats falling along the wayside, as more and more Tea Party candidates take their place. This is a non-violent revolution that displays the people have the–REAL–power. Not the Republican elites, not the Liberal progressives, but just the average voter. But it’s not over, until it’s–OVER? We must take back our government, the trite fellowship of politicians who have sought to undermine the values of our constitution. The issues are many that needs a new direction, beginning with today’s push by leading Democrat Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, who is trying to influence the a major minority vote in attaching a bill, to the War appropriation bill. This is a sad state of affairs when Reid, Menendez of New Jersey, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-N.Y.), Speaker Pelosi, Sen. Barbara Boxer, Feinstein have the unrivaled audacity to promote the illegal immigration ticket, when our kids cannot get into college, because of the sky-high costs.

    Its a incredulous situation when the politicians we select, sue the State of Arizona, Governor Brewer, State Senator Pierce or even the Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio and any other lawmaker who tries to protect the populace from the illegal alien invasion. Even small communities such as Hazleton, PA, Farmers Branch, TX, Fremont, Nebraska isn’t safe from the arrogant Czars in Obama’s administration–but are releasing illegal aliens back on the streets. Never mind these public servants push new laws, so they can sweat us of more taxes. In just federal payout in education, health care and imprisonment, the expenditures are annually $113 billion. This does not cover state, county and city taxes, to support illegal aliens or $60 billion that is whisked overseas according to FAIR.

    But not only that, to push this attachment bill, otherwise our troops don’t get the necessary financial backing. This is really a sick manifestation on behalf of the Democrats-to get votes. This bill gives life to the “Dream Act.” Don’t let Reid use your good nature to force along this measure, which will further cripple our economy. The Pentagon bill has been ruthless publicized relating to the quote, “Don’t ask? Don’t tell?” It Emphasis the Lady Gaga saga with Harry Reid about gays in the military, but expanding the ranks of warriors cost nothing–they earn their keep in blood and loyalty. But the truth is Reid nearly obliterated E-Verify, a business computer program that identifies illegal workers. Sen. Menendez even ridiculed our immigration system and said he is clearing the way to introduce a path to citizenship in the coming weeks. even though we have 15 million US citizens and permanent residents, drumming the streets for a job.

    Reid is a ruthless power monger that has crippled Nevada’s financial status, with the highest unemployment rate. Reid and his retinue have refused to implement any restrictions on millions of illegal aliens squatting there, taking jobs and lowering wages and benefits. He is likely under the thumb of the service and entertainment unions, who are using illegal labor? This illegal alien occupation is destabilizing our country, caused by both parties through many previous years of doing nothing. The propaganda for DREAM ACT is false and deceptive. This amnesty is NOT limited to high school valedictorians or other high-achieving college students, who were brought to the U.S. illegally when they were babies. It is yet another terrible strain on taxes, caused by yet another part of the “Instant citizenship” syndrome that effects public benefits and alienates many of our own impoverished Americans.

    This Path to citizenship is not limited to a few College grad’s but an amnesty that includes illegal aliens up to age 35! And the illegal families homesteading arrival can even incorporate children as late as age 15! This bill is a giant fraudulent loophole that nationals can claim an amnesty without providing proof of meeting certain criteria. Even the faction of the DREAM ACT amnesty divulges that around 2.1 million people could be eligible. This amnesty has no restriction procedures at all as it still allows businesses to persist in hiring illegal aliens. Further—it temps millions more parents to fetch their children here illegally and stay long enough for them to become high school students and demand another amnesty in a few years.

    If this bill is passed it leaves intact the “chain migration system” that will permit these 2.1 million illegal aliens, to eventually send for millions more relatives. The ominous DREAM ACT leaves intact the chain migration system that will allow these 2.1 million illegal aliens to ultimately send for millions more relatives. In quick succession, the legitimized illegal aliens would be able to get green cards for their parents. In the future millions of additional relatives would be able to start planning their applications and getting in line. This starts with adult siblings and moves on to aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. A large percentage of the illegal aliens in the U.S. today are extended family members of the illegal aliens who got amnesty in 1986 and also those in the six more-limited amnesties throughout the 1990s.

    Vent your anger on the phone lines to Washington and your Senator and Congressman at 202-224-3121. Join millions of other Americans and freely email, fax or you can aid in stopping the corruption in the Capitol. NumbersUSA has all the tools to return this country to THE PEOPLE. Be aware that illegal households may try and vote for Reid in November as our voting system is easily compromised.

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