Student Spotlight on King & Queen

By Kim Friel
Student Life Editor

The Elm would like to put the student spotlight on this year’s Homecoming Queen and King: Tina Gardner and Matt Keller.

The King and Queen, who were crowned last Saturday night, had the time of their lives at Homecoming, but were anxiously awaiting the results of Homecoming King and Queen for two weeks prior.

Keller said, “I had a strong feeling that I would win because all of the people that were telling me that they were in support of me and voted for me. I was confident in myself to say the least.”

Tina Gardner, on the other hand, says she was nervous on whether or not she would be crowned, so she took advantage of the voting week leading up to the Homecoming dance.

“A few of my friends were embarrassed when I would advertise throughout campus yelling ‘Tina for Queena’. I’d like to give a big thanks to Becca Hoffman for her help making banners to hang in the dining hall. I’d also like to thank Dee Jawanda and Jordan Tryhubenko for being wonderful campaign managers,” she said.

Keller also had help in racking in votes. “I’d like to thank my brothers in KA for their support and for doing all the advertisements even though I didn’t even ask them. They helped promote my name around campus and set up a giant bed sheet banner saying “Vote Keller 4 King” outside of the chapter house. I also want to thank everyone that voted for me as well.”

Matt and Tina had to return the original crowns they were crowned with Saturday night but got some good use out of them throughout last weekend. The next time the WC community will get to see the King and Queen in their rightfully deserved crowns will be at Birthday Ball on Feb. 26.

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