Dinner Brings New Manners to the Table: Etiquette dinner teaches students valuable skills

By Kim Friel
Student Life Editor

The 8th Annual Senior Etiquette Dinner will take place Thursday, Nov. 4 in the Hynson Lounge. Thirty seven seniors will be attending and eight seniors took advantage of the opportunity to invite their favorite professor or college mentor to the dinner. Associate director of the Career Center Vicky Sawyer explains that this is only the second year in which the senior class has been encouraged to bring along a faculty member as their guest and it helps students learn the process of professional interviewing over meals, which is a very likely occurrence while looking for a professional job.

Sawyer assures that the Etiquette Dinner is “not as formal and stuffy as people may think” and that seniors will learn table manners such as how to eat soup, passing platters around the table, how to butter bread and interactive manners covering topics as simple as how to introduce yourself to those you are sitting with. Not only is knowing proper dinner table etiquette important to those about to enter professional careers, but Vicky says it is also interesting to international students at Washington College that may not be aware of all of our American customs.

The speaker of the dinner will be WC alumni Beth Brewster who is the banquet manager of The Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels, MD and will offer advice to the seniors in attendance. Many courses and sides will be served such as corn chowder, stuffed chicken, and green beans. Sawyer says that she hopes the Etiquette Dinner will show the seniors how to network, but overall how to be gratious and appreciative while among new acquantances.

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