Fashion Profile: Andrea Clarke

Andrea Clarke dresses for a night out in this simple but classic outfit. Photo Courtesy of Samantha Gross.

Elm Staff Writer

The last thing on Andrea Clarke’s mind is fashion. With possible majors of drama, English, or French, a slew of extracurriculars like intramural soccer (you can see her playing with Mondos United), Wilderness Club, Fakespeare, The Elm, and the goal of making “the environment and … this campus more eco-friendly,” you will hardly find her prancing around campus in heels or anything impractical.

“[My look is] comfortable and utilitarian. I don’t care how pretty something looks, if I’m not comfy in it, I won’t wear it,” Clarke said.

But perhaps it is this insistence with practicality combined with the crazy energy she exudes through her busy lifestyle that creates something along the lines of accidental style.

After all, anyone would want to replicate the outfit she wears here, on a night out. In in a sheer cream Forever 21 shirt with netted detailing around the collar, a gray jacket and blue jeans from Nordstrom, and grey boots from Payless, she is the picture of casual style, ranking with the likes of Rachel Bilson or Keira Knightley.

“[The] jacket is one of my favorite pieces because it’s tough but still has a feminine look,” Clarke said. “I love the cold weather wardrobe.” Needless to say, she is loving the current drop in temperature.

So how does someone who, in her words, is “not a huge fan of clothes shopping” or “understand high fashion,” manage to become stylish?

For one, she peruses the racks of Target, Gap, and, on occasion, Nordstrom. She also highly appreciates getting hand-me-downs from her sister, the input of her father when it comes to dresses, and taking her sister and mother along for when she does go shopping.

A perfect example of how youcan still be stylish and comfortable, Clarke has some words of wisdom to share.

“Feel confident in what you’re wearing. It’s better to go to a party in a dress in which you feel relaxed and confident than to go in one that might fit the status-quo better but makes you feel self-conscious. High heels don’t make for a quick getaway,” Clarke said.

And of course, she does not forget the boys in her advice. “Don’t underestimate the power of a simple white T-shirt,” she said.

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