News at a Glance

By Liz Claud

Photography Editor

Josh Grossberg from e-online reports that Jeffery Jones, the man who played the role of headmaster Ed Rooney in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” plead guilty Tuesday for failing to update his California sex-offender registration. He had plead no contest to a 2003 charge of hiring a 14-year- old boy for an X-rated photo shoot. As a result of his failure Jones will complete 250 hours community ser- vice. Ironically sex offenders in California must re-register with in five days of their birthdays and Tuesday was Jones’ 64th.

According to a paper in the “Journal of Headache Pain,” if you use headache medications more than 15 times per month you risk developing a condition called MOH (Medication Overuse Headache). It is the aggravation of your headaches and an increase in their overall frequency. ABC News Now reported on a fisherman with a 17-foot pet crocodile in Costa Rica. The crocs name is Pancho and the fisherman nursed him back to health after finding him near death with a gunshot wound. The pair has been inseparable for nearly 20 years. The man is quoted as saying, “when I tried to release him back into the wild Pancho followed me home like a stray puppy.” The news program showed images of the two kissing in the water. One of the most entertaining inmates ever, 33-year-old Jonathan Lee Riches, has filed more than 3,800 lawsuits in nearly every jurisdiction in the country. He has sued the ancient philosopher Plato, the celestial body formerly known as Pluto, and just about every celebrity under the sun including Angelina Jolie for custody of her kids. Now the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Lexington, Ky., is suing him to make him stop. Mail sent by inmates is not subject to inspection by prison personnel. This petition filed would allow the Bureau of Prisons to screen his outgoing mail and if it contained frivolous filings that wasted judicial resources, they will be confiscated.

Peter Kotz from reports that last week a raid in Columbia was highly successful with the arrest of four men and Lorenzo the Parrot. Apparently drug dealers have gotten very clever and now use parrots like guard dogs. The parrots are trained to say things like, “run, run you are going to get caught,” as a means of warning the dealers. So far this year, police have arrested 1,700 birds.

According to “The Consumerist,” a McDonald’s just closed in northeastern California, changing the “McFarthest Spot.” In other words, the number of miles that you are ever farthest away from a McDonald’s. Itis now 115 miles instead of 107.

Twenty-three-year old Britney Haynes, a contestant on “Big Brother,” left her Arkansas home she shared with her fiancée Nick and their two dogs in hopes of winning the $500,000 grand prize. After the final episode aired they did a live special. While she was in quarantine in the house her home in Arkansas burned down. The producers and the family discussed it and decided not to tell her because she was almost done anyway. She won $25,000 because she was voted on America’s Favorite Houseguest.

“Men’s Health” magazine rated the U.S. cities in their annual “Hotbeds of Sex.” It was based on condom sales, birth rates, sex toy sales and the rates of STDs. The five top cities for sexual activity were: 5. Denver, Colo. 4. Durham, N.C., 3. Columbus, Ohio, 2. Dallas, Texas, and with the leading spot Austin, Texas. reports on a new seat the FAA is researching for airplanes. A class below coach and almost completely vertical the Skyrider seat is at least seven inches less than the traditional coach seat.

In much more serious news AP reporter Kelley Shannon writes about the recent shooting and suicide committed at a University of Texas. Colton Tooley, a sophomore math major opened fire with an assault rifle. No one else was injured but Tooley shot himself at the end of his rampage. Police searched the campus for a possible second shooter, but eventually decided Tooley acted alone.

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