The Tao of Tavi Gevinson: Girl Takes Fashion World by Storm

By Rhiana A. Wells
Elm Staff Writer

While most 14-year-olds were shopping at the mall, Tavi Gevinson was sitting in the most coveted front row seats of the most prestigious shows at fashion week.

Tavi has made a name for herself by writing her own fashion blog called “Style Rookie.” Tavi covers everything in her blog from the shows she attends, what she wore to school that day, style trends, to what inspires her. Tavi may still consider herself a “rookie,” though she has been in the world of fashion bloggers for quite some time now. After all, she was only 11 when she started her blog back in 2008.

Most images of Tavi show a little girl with grey hair, big glasses, an oversized homemade hat, and many layers of colorful clothing. She most definitely does not look her age, though she is consistent with keeping her own distinct sense of style.

So distinct, in fact, that well-known designers such as Rodarte are using her as inspiration for their collections.

Tavi has found favor with many designers, including the one of the most influential designers in the fashion world today, John Galliano. Galliano invited her to be his special guest for the Paris Fashion Week Dior Haute Couture show. “He said I was inspiring,” she told Fashion Television.

Her popularity largely grew with press from such publications as The New York Times, French Vogue, Teen Vogue, Pop magazine, and Harpers Bazaar, where she now has her very own column.

You might think that all of this newfound attention has caused this new “it” girl to turn into a bit of a diva, but that is not the case. In an interview with Fashion Television, Tavi stated “I’ve never had the intentions of trying to change the industry or shake up fashion or anything. Fashion just makes everything day-to-day less mundane.”

Her ability to stay grounded in the midst of all the hype is perhaps Tavi’s most charming quality. The reason for this could be that Tavi is still just a normal kid. She lives with her parents in their home outside of Chicago and attends school. Recently on her blog, she reported to readers that her posts might get more sporadic because she hasn’t felt her usual desire to write recently and “Plus, school is a little crazy, and I am figuring out how to manage an extra curricular schedule that is more Max Fischer than the Daria kind that I’m accustomed to.”

Tavi is also talented on camera. When interviewing celebrities, designers, and intimidating fashion editors that would make most college aged fashion interns shake in their boots, Tavi doesn’t break a sweat. Her confidence and love for the industry is truly remarkable.

Some big name fashion writers have accused Tavi of not being the true author of her blog, saying that perhaps a parent is behind Tavi’s mature writing style. Tavi’s writing is incredibly impressive. The comparisons she makes between fashion and movies, ‘60s icons, and Bob Dylan songs are certainly uncharacteristic of a 14-year-old, but perhaps it is simply Tavi’s intellect that is to blame. When watching a lecture that Tavi recently gave on social media changing fashion for her generation, it is clear that she is somewhat of a child genius.

Though she is only fourteen, she is an inspiration to anyone in school who is trying to follow their passion and get the grades at the same time. With grace, smarts, style and bravery, Tavi Gevinson is sure to be a name that you will hear again in the future.

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