Letter to the Editor: Student Challenges Anti-Civilization Project

Dear Editor,

Surely you have seen around the campus various sticky notes and posters with short messages attempting to deconstruct and deface civilization, but do any of us know what the underlying message really is? This Project “Caesura” has yet to tell us on a mass scale what its intentions are. It’s as if we’re supposed to guess what the meaning behind all of this is.

After looking around, however, I found a Facebook group dedicated to this insanity, and on it an attempt at some sort of mission statement. Seeing as I don’t want to tarnish The Elm with the self-righteousness of the original message, I will simply talk about it and allow you, the reader, to judge exactly how wrong this whole ordeal is. I also implore you to go to Facebook, search for “Caesura.” There, you can laugh with the rest of us as you see the entirety of this project.

The essay starts out with a short description of how civilization cannot sustain itself with limited resources, and that civilization and all of its byproducts are inherently evil. This of course is horribly biased and doesn’t even begin to think about all the good civilization has done, or how it’s completely unavoidable. I could rant all day about how civilization is a necessity, and anybody who believes it is evil is simply deluding himself, but that would take up multiple columns and I have a 500 word limit.

Next it says how the project is trying to prove civilization is evil. However, all it have proven to me is that this project is full of lies, deceit, and worst of all, statistics. It still has yet to show any truthful facts that are believable and support its cause. Any of the “facts” it has shown us so far are biased, flawed, or complete lies. If it just changed its wording a bit and tacked a “Vote for Me!” at the end, I would think somebody was running for some office.

Project Caesura, in short, is a project by some very biased individuals to attempt to make us believe that civilization is problematic, but is civilization problematic? This is an ancient question. I cannot provide an answer, but who gave anybody the right to simply stop all debates and declare that it is, in fact, problematic? Is Project Caesura some sort of god that I’m unaware of? Does it contain intelligence so vast and ridiculously abundant that it has claimed the right to solve such a ridiculous problem? If so, I’m converting to Scientology, because at least it’s more believable.

Now, completely unlike Project Caesura, which throws out a “problem” and doesn’t offer a solution, I will instead offer alternatives which may prove to be better:

1. Donate all money used in this project to charity.

2. Offer volunteer hours and help a handful of people that way.

3. Write poetry or a book on it, something we may choose to (or not) look at.

4. Anybody involved with the project could become a politician and see how much better they do (although from their obvious manipulation of facts, I’m going to take a wild guess and say no)

There you have it, folks. Project Caesura’s reasoning for why we have to suffer these repetitive and painful “truths” and “facts” about America and civilization as a whole. Whether you agree with it or me is up to you, but I implore you to actually use your own mind, find your own facts, and have some basis in what you believe in as opposed to… well… this.

– George Essig ‘14

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