Letter to the Editor: Swimmer Advocates for Equal Attention

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my frustration to everyone reading regarding any type of recognition that a swim team exists on our campus. For starters, The Elm neglected to mention anything about the women’s swim team in last week’s edition of The Elm (they also neglected to mention the men’s crew team). Isn’t that part of our newspaper’s job, to report on news around campus?  I mean the women’s swim team is one of few sports teams on campus with a winning record at the end of a season. But thank god I can catch up on the latest fashion and get advice on how to maintain a relationship! The Elm should have articles about news on and around campus, not necessarily fashion and four lokos.

Round two: last Friday, Men’s and Women’s swim teams were dressed up standing on the curb right outside of the pool, waiting for our bus to arrive to drive us to our swim meet. Our athletic director walked by. He presumed to walk by as if there was no one there. Not a hello or a good luck or even a wave with a smile. I’m not asking him to go out of his way to find each sports team and wish them all good luck, rather (and this goes for anyone on campus) if you see an athlete on game day, support them (I believe that’s what he asked of the athletes at the beginning of the year).

The final blow: this past Sunday the SGA and SEB held a “winter sports” pep rally. Wait a minute, I thought it was a basketball pep rally? Well, it was. There was plenty to pep up our student body for the basketball team (three point contest, dunk contest), but where was the love for the swim team? I understand it was the first time we had this event and I appreciate that. But it is extremely unfair to not include the swim teams in any physical part of the event other than having us attend. Now in all fairness I know it would be hard to include the swim team in events such as the three point contest and dunk contest, but  then don’t call it a winter sports pep rally. Might I add that it could have been as simple as asking some swimmers to participate in the three point contest. Something, anything, just not nothing. I feel there was an extreme lack of organization when creating this pep rally. And don’t get it twisted, I’m not hatin’ on the basketball teams.

I realize that swimming isn’t the most popular sport on campus, but it does not justify being ignored. Yes, there is a men’s and women’s swim team at Washington College.

*All opinions are solely my own and do not necessarily represent those of men’s and women’s swimming.

– Johnny Helenek‘12

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