Reno 911 Stars in Comedy Week Finale

By Kim Friel
Student Life Editor

SEB has brought Comedy Week back to campus this past week with hilarious events taking place every night.  Monday night  was Washington College’s own version of Drew Carey’s hit show “Who’s Line is it Anyway?;” Tuesday was a showing of the hit flick “The Other Guys” in the Student Center Lounge; Wednesday WC students took the stage in Norman James Theatre to showcase their own unique humor; Thursday Tig Notaro had students cracking up with his act in Hotchkiss Hall; tonight will  be the triumphant end to the week as WC welcomes Carlos Alazraqui and Cedric Yarbrough from Comedy Central’s “Reno 911” to perform in the Decker Theater.

“The ‘Whose Line is it Anyway: WAC Edition’, was a great kickoff to comedy week,” said junior Christian Matthews.  “I’ve loved seeing the progression from day to day and act to act with the main stage headliners on Friday wrapping up Comedy Week. I’m ready for a huge finale Friday.”

In the past years, WC has hosted Jamie Kennedy and Nick Swardson as the main act for Comedy Week, but this year is predicted to be twice as fun with Reno 911’s “S. Jones” and “James Garcia” feeding off each other in front of the WC student body and the Chestertown community.  “I can’t wait for the show on Friday. I’ve watched so much of their material and I can’t wait to see what kinds of jokes they will be cracking,” said junior Liza Twilley.

A review from the duo’s Westfield State College appearance in March of this year reported that Carlos and Cedric come up with a lot of hilarious things during their act and mostly do improv-comedy while performing.  They are said to use the audience and the enviroment around them to keep everyone laughing all night.

“I’m pumped for Friday,” said senior Katharine Greenlee.  “All of Comedy Week has been awesome so far -SEB has done a great job.”

SEB has done it again with providing a fun week full of events to get campus involvement raised, but once their jobs are done Friday it’ll be Student Comedy Competition winner, sophomore Ryan Bankert’s job to take the stage and actually have the amazing opportunity to be the opening gig for Alazraqui and Yarbrough.

Bankert said he wasn’t too nervous about getting up on stage and performing in front of a packed room.  “I like going up and talking to people, I’m not shy, and I think the Red Bull shot I had before helped,” said Bankert. His humor is all about picking at awkward things that happen to him or other people and just being able to laugh about them.  “My favorite quote is ‘If we couldn’t laugh we’d all go crazy’ by Jimmy Buffet and I think that’s a way to describe my humor,” said Bankert.

Even with a much bigger crowd anticipated for Friday night and the fact that he’s opening up for major headliners, Bankert is not nervous, but excited.  “I can’t put into words how excited I am.  I love Reno 911 and have been watching it since my early high school years so this is a very big deal for me,” he said.

Not only will WC get to see one of its peers showcase its humor, but a very big announcement will be made Friday evening at the event.  The Birthday Ball Committee, which has already been working hard putting together late February’s big bash, will be announcing this year’s Birthday Ball Theme.

Don’t be left out on the big announcement and the chance to see a nationally proclaimed hilarious comedy act!  Tickets are still on sale for ten dollars for tonight’s event today in the dining hall from 12-1 pm and this evening 5-6 p.m.  Feel free to stop by the SEB office if you need to get your hands on a ticket any other time today and cash and student ID card swiping are both options for payment.

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