Editorial: A Semester In Retrospective

It’s hard to believe, but the semester is already ending and this is the last issue of The Elm until January. Looking back, we’ve covered quite a dynamic three months. We have a new president, WC had its first Homecoming weekend in ten years, and the largest freshman class arrived on campus. It’s the beginning of a new chapter for WC.  A growing student body, establishing a real school mascot, and a waterfront campus are not just ideas on the horizon; they are very real possibilities. And these possibilities are certainly causing conversations with faculty, administration, and students alike. There is avid discussion around campus about WC ten years down the road with hopes for substantial student growth and possibly a new residential hall.

So where do you current students come in as this new chapter begins? It’s certainly easy as students to float through semesters and not become invested in the community. And it’s even easier to end classes, close a chapter, and forget any events or changes that occurred. But The Elm encourages you to stop and think about these recent changes and what it could mean for WC. Some of you are leaving here in a few years or even a few months, but your opinion still matters. Student growth affects the college in so many more aspects than just fitting students into dorms. Think about faculty-student ratios, classroom sizes, and WC’s “small-size” feel. How will these factors be affected?

Though we cover a small campus, the value of the news doesn’t change, and the value of being informed remains. It’s our job to keep WC informed and unified. It’s also your job, readers, to contribute to the voice of the campus, and at this time in WC’s history that has great potential impact on future generations, that voice matters than ever before. We hope that we’ve fulfilled our role to its extent during this busy semester, and if there’s more we can do, let us know. Email elm_editor@washcoll.edu with changes you’d like to see or opinions that the campus community needs to hear.

So before you close this semester’s chapter, reflect on what’s taken place, and think about how it will affect the future. The Elm wishes everyone a happy holiday, and thank you for reading.

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