The Elm Student Spotlight

By Kim Friel

Student Life Editor

The Elm would like to put the Student Spotlight on junior Nick Anderson.  With the fall semester coming to a close, Nick is a great example of a student who has faced struggles as a Washington College student yet has overcome the obstacles of college life to put his best foot forward during the stressful academic years.

A New Jersey native, Nick entered WC in the fall of 2008 as a freshman.  Nick was recruited to WC for men’s soccer, but says he also liked the atmosphere of a small school like WC.

“A lot of my friends from high school were going to big schools in New York City.  I really wanted to continue playing soccer and I wasn’t interested in a big school,” said Nick.

Even with a small school, Nick still faced the common pressures all freshmen face while being on their own for the first time in their life.  “I definitely had a hard time prioritizing and focusing on my school work.  It’s as if I was still on ‘senior slide’ mode from high school,” he said.

The percentage of students transferring out of WC fluctuates year to year and Nick was part of the statistics to come the end of his freshmen year.

“I had a lot of fun during my freshman year at WC, but my parents and I both knew that I had not lived up to my potential as a student,” he said. “I felt guilty wasting their money on a liberal arts education when I knew I had not taking full advantage of the opportunity I was given to go here.”  Nick decided to leave WC for a year in order to live at home and attend Brook Dale Community College.

“I don’t know how I would be doing in school right now if I did not take a year off to attend my local community college.  I knew it was time to refocus and get my grades up and I am so happy my credits were able to transfer, putting me back on track as junior,” he said.

While putting his brain to work in the classrooms of BDCC, Nick also worked hard to get his heart back into the game of soccer by playing for the college’s soccer team.  Nick found that while being home and having all of his friends from high school away at college that he had less distraction in his life and more time to focus on academics and soccer.

Nick kept in touch with his friends at WC by visiting as much as he could.  Friends here could notice a change in him, and were ecstatic when he stayed for a long weekend—only because he had made an appointment with the admissions office for the upcoming Monday.

“I had so much more ambitions when thinking about coming back to WC,” he said. “I was a business major when I entered college, but did not have any strong feelings about it.  When reapplying to WC as a transfer, I was very excited to talk about my plan to switch to a Psychology major.”

Nick would like to thank his advisor, Dr. Lauren Littlefield, for helping him get back on the right path of academics. Nick also was able to earn his spot back on the men’s soccer team when entering back in as a junior this past fall.

“I feel like I did not give the soccer program here my all during my freshmen year, so I was very thankful to make it back on the team this year,” he said.

Along with the steady approvements of his academics, Nick is making staying in shape during the off season another one of his top priorities. He has also become a member of Best Buddies this school year to get more involved with the campus community.

With finals just around the corner, The Elm staff would like to say “good luck” to all WC students and to remember that only you can be in charge of managing your life here at WC.  Though it may be strenuous and challenging at times, it will be well worth it.

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