WC Begins Search for New Adv. VP: Campus reps, outside firm seek applicants

By Maegan Clearwood
News Editor

The recently vacated position of Vice President of College Advancement has led to the formation of a search committee. The committee consists of an outside, executive search firm head, as well various on-campus representatives, according to Katina Leodas, from the Leodas Search Group.
There are numerous, specific qualifications that the committee is looking for in its applicants.
“What we are looking for is a professional who knows the business, is enthusiastic about liberal arts colleges like Washington College, and has a pleasant personality,” said psychology professor and faculty representative George Spilich. “Finally, we need a person who finds the physical setting here on the shore a plus.”
One of the new Vice President’s main responsibilities will entail fundraising and increasing revenue.
“Ideally, we are looking for people who’ve worked for earning money in institutes at high education, ideally liberal arts colleges; people who’ve built and managed development programs,” said Leodas.
Leodas has a database of contacts and potential advocates which she uses in her searches. “The majority of the work that I do is go-getting,” she said. “I reach out to [people], and I ask them to suggest people, and then I think about people who would be right for the job.”

According to Leodas, President Mitchell Reiss formed the search committee, and pulled many representatives from campus to help with the search.

“It’s broadly representative,” Leodas said. “[The new vice president] is going to have to work with many people across the institution, and I think Reiss is genuinely interested in getting input from every important constituency.”

Ultimately, however, Reiss will make the final decision.

“It’s critical that their relationship be a good, strong, easy collaboration,” Leodas said. “[Reiss] is looking for someone who is a strong fundraiser and who understands not only how to engage alumni, but how to engage neighbors. He’s looking for someone who’s going to be an inspiring and compassionate manager.”

The search is expected to take about four months.

“I think this is a very attractive job, it’s a great institution, in a great part of the country,” Leodas said. “The college is becoming increasingly well known for its core curriculum and the work it’s doing on the Chesapeake, the writing program, and its focus on American history, so I think it will attract a lot of applicants.”

Leodas anticipates a wide range of potential applicants, so campus can expect a new vice president sometime next semester.

““I am confident that we will attract a strong talent pool, and confident that we will find someone by this spring,” Reiss said.

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