Birthday Ball 2011 “Don’t Be Like Alice: Remember the Ball”

By Megan Willis
Elm Staff Writer

“It’s a surprise,” Emmanuel Lalande, the director of Student Affairs said about his first Washington College Birthday Ball. “You’ll just have to come and see all the surprises we have.”

Behind-the-scenes, it is easy to see the enormous work put into the event.

“It’s a collaborate effort,” Lalande said. “The SEB, SGA, students, workers; they all come together to organize this.”

Inside the LFC, there is a crew taping down the floor and machines moving equipment in. Students are moving the large light structures across the floor.

“We just come and help out however they tell us to,” Sophomore Amanda Reagan said as she helped gather cords. “I’m so excited for Birthday Ball.”

Another student, Sophomore Samantha Bitzelberger, was helping to move one of the lighting fixtures.
“They start by changing the floor. Today, the lights go up, and tomorrow the space has to be cleared for decorations to go up.” Bitzelberger said.

The decorations were organized by Junior Katie Johnson, who has been working non-stop to get everything together for this event.

“This event is important because it celebrates the college itself,” Lalande said. “Faculty, staff, students: this event is for everyone. We are having a cocktail hour just for faculty, and we have both a DJ and a band to suit everyone’s tastes.”

Of course, that’s not the only change with this year’s Wonderland.

“I want people to have fun, but be responsible,” Lalande said. “That’s why we made the t-shirts as a reminder.”

The shirts themselves are blue with the words, “Don’t be like Alice: Remember the Ball.” They depict the cartoon girl holding a bottle labeled ‘Drink’ and serve as a friendly remind to the student body.

“Your peers are working hard to transform the LFC for Birthday Ball. We are all working so you can come here and have a good night…it would be terrible to waste that.” Lalande said. “So show up and have a great time that you will remember.”

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