The Wind of Change

By Aubrey Hastings
Student Life Editor

A new year, new choices, new seasons. Can you remember ever feeling the powerful wind blow against you as you walked along? This wind comes in to clean things up and to clear things out.

Time will always bring change to our lives. Change… why do we detest that word so much? Some changes are joyful, good, and welcomed, such as a new car, a trip to Italy, or a brand new pair of boots. Other changes bring with them uneasiness, a new environment, a loss of what has always been a comfort to us. Sometimes the winds of change blow and dance all around us while we are unaware, and one day you gratefully wake up and realize how different today is from your yesterday.

Other times, the wind comes in like a rushing river, leaving you speechless and ultimately afraid of what lies just around the turn. Of course, we cannot decide which way we would like the wind to blow into our lives, but we can choose to either embrace the newness or run full force against the wind, fighting all the way. Every new sunrise is a choice. Just as you are certain that there is road after that speed bump, and that the bend in the road ahead continues on to your destination, I hope we would have that same confidence in choosing to drive onward despite what the winds may have blown in.

As we head back to what is seemingly familiar in our lives here at Washington College, take a moment to look around. You will see the subtle hints of change, maybe even in only yourself. As the freshman Shoremen return to grow after the initial shock of new beginnings and the seniors prepare to bid farewell to their second home, the winds of change for 2011 have already begun to blow across us.

Some students have decided to share what they have chosen to strive for in the New Year. Sophomore Zoe Woodbridge said, “One of my new year’s resolutions, as cliché as it may be, is to stay active and get in better shape. So far it’s been going pretty well. I went to the gym and a dance class this week and plan to do even more dancing as the semester progresses. I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to exercise if you do it with friends. This semester, instead of taking so many naps I plan on going to the gym!”

Sophomore Beilin Zia said, “I honestly never make New Year’s resolutions because I just can’t seem to keep them. I do a much better job at just taking everything one day at a time. I do love them though, because I’m a Zumba instructor and my class size goes way up after New Year’s.”

Sophomore Matt Streeter said, “My New Year’s resolutions were to get a on a consistent work out schedule, straight A’s, and research Grad schools. So far so good. I hope I keep up with the workouts. Power Hour is intense… shout out to Jonnie Jenkins! And I have all straight A’s right now by default since we haven’t turned anything in. It’s looking good so far!”

Starting this very moment, you have the power to change and make a difference starting in your life, this campus, and the world. So go on, put this paper down, walk to your next class, and ultimately towards your highest goals with no limits. The choice is ours to make – embrace the season, learn the lesson, and teach others, or to simply remain the same.

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