Go Green On 213: Washington College Students celebrate Earth Day by showing off the creative side of recycling

By Aubrey Hastings
Student Life Editor

On a “green” campus such as Washington College, the opportunities in which to better the environment seem to be endless. Students are given the opportunity to sign a “Green Pledge” to support an eco-friendly campus and live more sustainably, recycling bins are available on every floor of residence halls, and there are “Go Green” classes taught in the Biology department. Here, Earth Day isn’t just one day a year, but a way of life.
This year in celebration of Earth Day, the Center for Environment and Society held a campus wide program entitled “Go Green on 213” on Thursday, April 21. The event called students to arm themselves with whatever materials they could find lying around, and a good group of friends, in order to build sculptures portraying the creative side of recycling. The only rule: groups were challenged to use only recycable material in making their creations.

Environmental Intern junior Elle O’Brien organized the “Go Green on 213” campaign event to promote Earth Day this year.

She coordinated the Recycling Sculpture Contest that was held on campus during the Farmers’ Market on the Hodson Commons, where local farmers and artisans brought goods to share and sell to the community.

These farmers are no strangers to the community. They meet every Saturday morning downtown to sell goods, a Chestertown tradition.

There were eleven entries in the sculpture contest of the event and six categories in which to compete. Junior Amanda Pruzinsky won Best Cardboard Structure for her creation, “Tree.” Juniors Dorian Mitchell, Kendall Blimline, Devon Miller, Kevin Lynon, Matt Coletti, Ben Peter and Antoine Jordan won Best Can Structure with their piece “Cooler than Cool,” a cooler made entirely from used cans. The Best Bottle Structure went to sophomores Ellen Huffman and Jenny Lee for their piece entitled “Pig.” The People’s Choice Favorite was “Crab” by junior Elle O’Brien. The Most Creative piece chosen was “Gas Station” by Valerie Stinchcomb and Michael Wieder. Junior Camille McNeal and sophomore Cortnee Doll built the winner of the OMG category (Overall Most Green) entitled “Chicken and Egg.”

Professor Karl Kehm, Ricky Sears and JoAnn Fairchild served as judges. The prizes awarded included gift certificates to the Farmers Market, Java George, and Domino’s Pizza. The recycling sculptures were also showcased at the Earth Day Festival and Mutt Strut in downtown Chestertown on April 23rd.

Only water soluble glues and paints were allowed to be used and it was the team’s individual responsibility to collect their own recyclable materials. It was a great and creative way to utilize things just lying around to be thrown away.

“Go Green on 213 is a great way to educate about recycling in a fun, unique way. We had a great turn out, and I look forward to doing it again next year,” said O’Brien.

In celebration of Earth Day, WC was challenged to go beyond what they could see and think outside the box, turn trash into treasure, and inspire this call to action in others every day of the year.

April 29, 2011
Volume LXXXI Issue 24

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