Inspirational Night: A Step of Faith – WC CLEOS hosts program to raise awareness for Autism and Diabetes

By Aubrey Hastings
Student Life Editor

During a week in the life of a college student, Sunday is usually a day of relaxation and catching up on homework that has been put off. Behind the scenes, the Washington College Cleopatra Sisters teamed with the Office of Multicultural Affairs to put on a program raising awareness and support for autism and diabetes this past Sunday evening.
The Cleopatra’s Sisters is a campus organization open to all women of different ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. The organization is founded and based on seven principles of sisterhood, respect, peace, unity, patience, pride and love. The group has grown to over 20 sisters, and members are often involved in community service programs and advocate for women’s issues, such as donating to Women in Need of Kent County, MD.

The program, entitled “Inspiration Night” lived up to its name. The evening consisted of dance performances from members of the WC Alternative Dance Workshop and Potters House Ministries Praise Dance Team. Alternative Dance Workshop performers included: senior Koko Abas, junior Stephanie Gabriel, freshman Omni Rose Ramos, sophomore Brittany Skinner, senior Maryann Wellington, and freshman Shaunte Henderson.

There were also song performances by members of the Living Water Greater Highway Church of Christ as well as short sermons from Pastor Leon Frison of Living Water Greater Highway Church of Christ and Pastor Tilghman of Potters House Ministries. Sophomore Ellen Huffman and freshman Emily Blackner read scripture from Psalms, both members of the WC Campus Christian Fellowship. CCF advisor and psychology professor Dr. Jim Siemen was also present and offered opening and closing remarks during the program.
The event was donation based and all proceeds raised were given to Autism Speaks and the Diabetes Foundation. The event was successful in collecting over $200 dollars in donations to be split and donated between the two causes.

During the event, a local family who has been directly affected by autism spoke. The Hurst family has a young son who has been diagnosed with autism.

“You never really think much of autism, until it affects your family. And it truly affects the family as a whole; every member can become strained with the effects of having a young child with autism,” said Mr. Hurst. His young son was there that day as well.

Junior Stephanie Gabriel, Cleopatra Sister and member of the WC Alternative Dance Workshop, took the reins in hosting the Inspirational Night event.

“The Inspirational Night was a true success even though not much of the student body was present; it brought the Chestertown community together. We were able to spend the beautiful Sunday afternoon praising, singing, and dancing while being spiritually uplifted in honor of raising awareness for autism and diabetes. I am happy to be a part of creating such a great event and I hope in the future there will be a greater participation rate of the WC community,” said Gabriel.

The quote used throughout the evening was one by Martin Luther King Jr., “take the first step of faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

In the name of raising awareness and support for autism and diabetes, the Cleopatra Sisters and Office of Multicultural Affairs took a step of faith. The event successfully reached the Chestertown community and there are hopes for the future that more of the WC community will be in attendance.

April 15, 2011
Volume LXXXI Issue 15

One thought on “Inspirational Night: A Step of Faith – WC CLEOS hosts program to raise awareness for Autism and Diabetes

  1. As a home care provider, I came across different cases of autism. No one can really prepare you for such an event and you really dont care about this phenomena unless it affects the family directly.

    Great post nonetheless.


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