Letter To The Editor: Student Responds to Campus Parking Conundrum

Dear Editor,

I also believe that the current parking situation is a huge mess and immediate action needs to take place to better the problems. With no policy on freshmen having cars or on the parking policy, it will be increasingly difficult, particularly since the school believes that we can sustain a larger population of students with no room left on campus. The school is not doing any smart planning about these issues, as campus dorms were at “101% capacity,” according to Dean Carl Crowe. We are bringing in even more freshmen next year, which will complicate things even farther. Not only should freshman parking be moved to the Western Shore, I also believe that the campus should have a bike program. An incentive such as being able to rent a bike out for a day would entice people to bike around campus and around town instead of having to use your car every day.

A bike policy would allow people to leave their cars on the Western Shore and not worry about being late to classes. As a leader on campus that strives to see Washington College move forward instead of backwards, I urge you to consider both the freshman parking and the bike proposal. Campus community, please consider this bike policy and forward any information about this to the SGA’s Secretary of the Environment, Jenny Lee at jlee3@washcoll.edu!

Daniel Danko

April 29, 2011
Volume LXXXI Issue 24

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