Fall Fashion: Trends for Men, What to Wear for Women

By Chris Carrara

Elm Staff Writer

Well ladies and gents, with fall right around the corner, it’s that time again to trade in the flip-flops and sunglasses for hoodies and fleeces! That’s right, the temperatures are rapidly dropping out of the sunny 80s and we’re moving into breezy afternoons with lots of cloud coverage.

So how do you keep your looks up even on those rainy days when you want to stay in bed and skip that boring lecture? Here’s just a few ways you can look your best throughout the fall season, like me.

First, there’s nothing wrong with wearing some of your favorite sweatpants to class. Hey, it’s a Thursday morning, 8 a.m., up late studying and barely got any sleep the night before–throw those suckers on! Sweatpants have always been in style and will always be my great escape on those Monday mornings after a long weekend.

But some may ask, “so what if I want to look good in class?” Trying to impress that girl an aisle over is never easy and if you’re wearing that out-of-style polo from last year, you might as well drop the course and transfer schools. Fortunately, you bachelors are in luck and can win the girl of your dreams if you follow these easy rules.

Matching is essential in looking good, but you definitely don’t want to match too much! To put any previous debates to rest at the start, no, plaid and plaid do not go together. Plaid is an interesting design, but if you’re going to wear plaid shorts please choose a solid color shirt, and vise-versa.

Also avoid wearing the same color top and bottom. If you want to wear red pants one day, go for it, just beware of the red colored shirt or jacket! Combining that much color in one day will either make you look like a wallflower, or a licorice stick; I don’t know which is worse!

If you’re looking for an easy solution to your outfit, guys, try a nice pullover sweater or the cashmere v-neck sweater. Girls love sweaters, and when they feel that soft sweet cashmere, they will come running to ya! A word of advice is to wear something nice under the sweater, perhaps a button-down or even a nice polo that will boost your outfit to entirely new heights.

Now ladies, it’s your turn and for this issue, I decided to interview a friend who knows ladies better than anyone else: Kyle Benk. My first question to Kyle was what he likes to see his women wearing throughout the fall. Kyle replied that “leggings are totally out” and layers are in!

He went on to explain that “layers create the character…and girls need to be confident so they can look and perform their best”.

After Kyle’s interview, I wanted to get a second opinion. I went to a close associate, the Men’s Rowing Co-Captain, Jeff Nutting. I was able to catch Nutting at a great time, while he was doing laundry, so he already had clothes on his mind! Jeff said he prefers ladies that are ‘well dressed’. He continued to elaborate, saying that “we all love a pair of sweatpants and tights, but there is something to be said about a woman who dresses nice. A woman who dresses nice respects herself and I can respect that!”

You heard it here first, what men want to see women wearing this fall, and the latest trends for single men. Good luck with the styles as fall kicks into full scale, and don’t forget the easy tips to impress your classmates!

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