WC Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

By Kimberly Uslin
Elm Staff Writer

For WC Spanish Professor Elena Deanda, Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of the legacy of Hispanics in the United States and an opportunity to stop and appreciate the Hispanic culture.

From Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, Hispanic Heritage Month will be celebrated nationwide. On the national level, events such as concerts, lectures, and art exhibitions will highlight important Hispanic contributions to the United States and recognize the rich and diverse Hispanic culture.

This year, WC has an entire series of events planned for the observance of Hispanic Heritage Month.

“I wanted to do something really big this year, a diverse schedule of events like crafts, music, dance, food, politics, and research – a little bit of everything,” said Deanda.
There truly is something for everyone. The Department of Modern Languages and The Office of Multicultural Affairs are presenting such events as a Peruvian crafts fair, where students can buy handcrafted alpaca wool sweaters, a flamenco dance workshop, and an educational lecture.

“We are having more and more students of Hispanic descent [attend the college], and we are in a region where Hispanics are becoming more important,” said Deanda.
Additionally, she stresses the importance of awareness of different cultures and multicultural events within the College.

“In attending the activities planned for Hispanic Heritage Month, I hope students wil embrace and appreciate difference rather than simply tolerate it,” said Deanda.
Deanda encourages students to attend the Hispanic Heritage Month activities because they are going to see different cultures, be able to do some shopping, and enjoy nice concerts and different music.

The Spanish professor herself is most excited for the round table discussion entitled “Hispanics in the Eastern Shore,” which takes place on Sept. 28.

“I’m very interested in the round table because we are trying to establish bridges between the academy, the community, and the larger discussion about immigrants in the USA, especially in regards to business and education,” said Deanda.
Hispanic Heritage Month offers an opportunity for students to be entertained through dancing, art, and music and to become more informed about the Hispanic culture in the United States.

“In attending the events, students will be able to stay on top of their game about what’s happening in society. If you go, you’re going to be able to have informed, educated discussions about Hispanics and Hispanic culture in America.”

For those that missed the Peruvian Crafts Fair on Wednesday, the next Hispanic Heritage Month event is “Radio Jarocho,” a jarocho and fandango concert that will take place on Sept. 23 in The Egg.

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