Alpha Omnicron Pi and Queen of the Roses

By Kimberly Uslin
Elm Staff Writer

On October 23, the sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi hosted the fourth annual Queen of the Roses 5K Walk/Run. The event took place at Wilmer Park, where members of the campus and Chestertown community came together to enjoy the beautiful weather and philanthropic spirit of the day. Before the 5K began, serious runners could be seen stretching and preparing for the race ahead, while more casual attendees socialized or danced to DJ Price’s fun playlist.

“I’m excited,” said sophomore Hunter Scott. “It’s for such a good cause.”

The Queen of the Roses 5K originated in 2008 after Jasmine Dora Queen, an Alpha Omicron Pi sister and WC student, passed away suddenly of a pulmonary embolism after her sophomore year. 2009 WC Alumnus and Jasmine’s “Big, ”Emily Adams came up with the idea of a 5K in order to raise money for a scholarship founded in her sister’s honor. Awarded through the Alpha Omnicron Pi Foundation, the Jasmine Queen scholarship is given to a member of the Sigma Tau chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi who studies business management. The scholarship was first awarded in Spring 2011 to senior Jess Hohne.

Before the race was run, 2011 WC Alumnus Rachel Glasser gave a speech commemorating her pledge sister Jasmine Queen, who was active in the WC community as a member of the softball team, Black Student Union, and Cleopatra’s Sisters. Despite the fact that most current WC students did not know Jasmine, 5K Chair Laurie McDade emphasized the significance of the event.

“It’s important for us to always keep her spirit and memory alive. Even for those who don’t know her, [the event] is a symbol of sisterhood and constant love. This is what Alpha Omnicron Pi is all about,” said McDade.

As participants crossed the finish line, they were cheered on by the sisters of Alpha Ominicron Pi as well as on-lookers and community members. The race was followed by an award ceremony and picnic, where trophies were awarded and participants were able to eat good food and enjoy the day while remembering Jasmine Queen. The race’s winner was freshman Jimmy Comotto. Second place was awarded to WC Assistant Swimming coach Robin Glasser and third place went to sophomore Ross Scorci.

“The 5K is a way of bringing the students and the community together under one cause,” said Alpha Omnicron Pi President junior Jen Potts. “It’s always amazing. We always have a good amount of people who come, and we get a lot of generous donations.”

As of press time, the event had raised a little over $5,000 dollars for the Jasmine Queen Scholarship, but the total is guaranteed to rise.

“We still have to be reimbursed, and donations are still coming in. The total will probably be around $6,500 dollars like it was last year,” said McDade. “When we all support each other, events like this make us all a family. The Queen of the Roses is a good reminder that not every day is promised. Jasmine’s death was a sudden thing. Everyone should take their college life seriously and enjoy every minute because we don’t know how long we’re going to be here.”

Pleased with this success, both McDade and Potts would like to thank all the students, faculty, sports team; and members of the community for coming out and supporting the cause.

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