Chestertown Retail Freshens Up: Fresh and Green’s now stands in the place of Superfresh

By Rebecca String
Elm Staff Writer

Aside from the sign outside, Fresh & Greens looks similar to its predecessor, Superfresh. Inside, however, shoppers are noticing some changes.
- Photo by Erin Cooper

Although the outside of Fresh & Green’s Market looks similar to that of Superfresh, noticeable changes have occurred inside.

Superfresh closed this spring and interior changes have been in the works all summer. When students returned to campus in the fall, the new Fresh & Greens Market looked virtually the same; recently, however, it’s gotten a new look.

The shelves for greeting cards, for example, which remained empty for many weeks, have now been filled, although the self-serve coffee remains unseen. The numbers of customers who wander the aisles during weekday afternoons are few compared to the more active business on weekends.

That said, the number of shoppers is noticeably less than at the local ACME.

“There seemed to be a lot more people in the store when it was Superfresh. There were also actually lights on. It’s really dark in the store. When it was Superfresh it seemed a lot brighter and more inviting,” said junior Katharine

Many students on campus have not taken the time to shop at Fresh & Green’s yet, due to its location. With ACME closer to the Western Shore and campus in general, some students find it more convenient than walking to the next shopping center over.

Junior Heather Black said, “I think that the food costs more at Fresh & Greens than ACME. It’s also farther, so I don’t usually go there. It’s hard to get groceries back from that far away when I don’t have a car.”

Price is also an issue for many students who are looking to save their paychecks every week.

Sophomore Karine Sager said, “If [the organic food] is around the same price as normal food, I would be more willing to buy it.”

Even with some negative reaction, Fresh & Greens can still be a positive place to shop with friendly workers and decent options.

“I’ve only been to Fresh & Greens twice since being back on campus, and I like it a lot better than I like ACME. The store is organized in a way I can understand and it’s got a better variety than ACME or Superfresh has. A friend of mine likes to shop at the health food store downtown and she’s told me that she really likes the variety of organic food [at Fresh & Greens],” said junior Sarah Baldree.

Management at Fresh & Greens was not available for comment.

The store is open from 6 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. Monday through Sunday.

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