Living the Writing Culture: National Day of Writing

By Emily Sallade
Elm Staff Writer

On Oct. 27, WC observed the National Day on Writing. National Day on Writing started three years ago by the National Council of Teachers of English in order to acknowledge the important role writing plays in our lives.

Writing plays such a crucial role here at WC. Some write because they enjoy it, and others write because they are in a writing intensive class and need the grade. A writing gallery was set up in Hodson Hall, similar to that of the club fair that was held earlier this semester. There were two boards where people had written either their own haikus or what writing meant to them, with student sentiments ranging all across the board. One student even said that writing was soothing for them, because they could take their frustration out on the characters they created.

“We’re happy with the student response we’ve received for National Day on Writing,” said Professor John Boyd, director of the WC Writing Center. “We’ve tried to create some fun activities that get students to think about the way that writing is a part of their lives. We also give a lot of credit to the student publications that have taken part in the events.

“They demonstrate how dedicated many Washington College students are to developing as writers, and they make a significant contribution to the culture of the college.”
In addition to the writing gallery in Hodson, a panel discussion by alumni who have had some success in writing-related careers was hosted by the Writing Center. “One common theme among the participants was that the liberal arts background they gained at Washington College helped them to adapt to a variety of different careers and pursuits. They took their experience with writing as students and used it to sustain themselves in their professional work,” said Boyd.

The National Day on Writing and all who were involved were a testament to the writing culture that is lived here at WC and the value it brings with it in student’s future endeavors.

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