The C-Town Scoop: Best Sandwiches in Town

By Jackie Kelly

Elm Staff Writer

There isn’t much in the world that can compete with the perfect sandwich. Sure, you can make your own sandwich, but I can guarantee there are some places in and around C-town that can make a sandwich that puts yours to shame.

Located in downtown C-town on South Cross Street there is a little coffee shop called Play it Again Sam. This little café has some of the best sandwiches in C-town. Roast beef and brie, BLT’s, including one with avocado, and turkey and swiss are just a few of the great sandwiches they offer, along with various types of scrumptious bread. Their panini bread is to die for, and they even have gluten-free options. Complete with a hidden patio located directly behind the shop to eat your lunch in peace, one can also find an eccentric coffee shop feel inside, filled with mismatching tables and chairs and great people.

The Fish Whistle, located right around the corner on Cannon Street, offers sandwiches that may be a little more expensive but also more extravagant. They have a delicious array of hot sandwiches such as the Cuban, Rueben, fried catfish, pulled pork, and more. The view alone is worth a few extra dollars (the restaurant is located right on the Chester River); the amazing sandwiches are just an added bonus!

Located just across the bridge is Apo’s, offering hot subs such as a chicken or eggplant parmesan. They also offer their Rustic sandwiches available on paninis, such as their Buffalo Chicken Rustic Panini. Their sandwiches are a little expensive, but they are huge. I know you’re already drooling over the thought of leftovers, but things are about to get even more appealing: Apo’s delivers! Call (410) 778-3737 to order.

Heading away from the water on High Street, there are a handful of sandwich shops that many people may forget about because they are not right in the middle of town.

Jammin’ Jesse’s, located on High Street directly across from the Chestertown Cemetery, has all of the fixings for that dream sandwich. With fall already here, get ready for Thanksgiving with the Mayflower Sandwich: turkey covered in mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. Or get a little taste of Maryland with the Maryland Chicken Cheesesteak. Old Bay never tasted so good. For the carb-conscience, Jammin’ Jesse’s also offers wraps.  If you weren’t already sold, this will seal the deal: it’s cheap. Good food plus great prices equals sandwich heaven. If you don’t have the time to eat in, call (410) 778-3663 and place an order to go!

Only a few doors down from Jammin’ Jesse’s is Herb’s Soup & Such. Their perfectly toasted Portobello Mushroom and Veggie Sandwich or Grilled Ham and Cheese can brighten up any cloudy day. They also offer classic sandwiches such as turkey and cheese, tuna fish, and BLTs. Seating is limited to outside picnic tables, but a hot sandwich to go is just one call away at (410) 778-9727.

Conveniently located in the shopping center directly across the street from the College is the epitome of the classic sandwich shop; C-town Deli has only the classics. Get an amazing cold cut sandwich, or go for an egg salad or chicken salad sandwich. Get it on some bread or a roll, and combo it with chips and a soda. It’s quick, super cheap, and so yummy!

Also located very close to the College is the Blue Bird Tavern. Stop in to get an amazing Soft-Shell Crab Sandwich. It is within walking distance of the College, and has a fun atmosphere. I mean, after all, it is a bar.

Looking for a fast food option? Subway, located on High Street next to Lewes Liquors, has any kind of sub or flatbread sandwich imaginable, and of course they can be custom made. And Arby’s, located next to Walgreens on 213, offers Market Fresh Sandwiches such as the Chicken Salad.

Feeling like there’s just nothing in C-town for you? Head past McDonald’s and continue on 213 until right before reaching Galena to find Molly’s. It is a hunting and fishing store, but it is connected to a convenience store, Molly’s Mart, offering the sandwich that gives you the most bang for your buck. The sandwiches only cost six or seven dollars, and they literally weigh as much as a small baby. Okay, so maybe not that much, but they’re definitely worth the price!

For more out-of-town options, turn left out of the College’s main entrance, take a left at the main intersection (by the Walgreen’s) and keep right on High Street to head into Rock Hall. The Rock Hall Liquor Store has the best shrimp salad sandwich. But this baby sells out quick, so make this an early lunch option.

Who would have thought such a small town could have such an amazing sandwich selection? The many options only reiterates that C-town has everything you need and more, you just might have to look a little harder to find it.


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  1. Although this post is old I hope it still reigns true as i will be in the area next month. Looking for a fantastic panini is something I always do. Thanks!

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