Zeta Sisters Crown Big Man on Campus

By Aubrey Hastings
Student Life Editor

The sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha have crowned a new “Big Man on Campus” and have continued their philanthropy of Breast Cancer awareness and education. While the guys strutted across the stage with their own unique talents, the audience was very supportive of their willingness to support such a great cause.

“Big Man on Campus” is a play on a male beauty pageant. The evening started with an introductory dance done by all the guys, a casual wear section where the men strut their stuff, a “talent” portion, and finally a Question and Answer session.

“We wanted something fun and different, and I think this is one of the major events for which we are known. A few of our contestants have competed multiple times in their college career and keep coming back for more. We have a lot of fun with it and are always looking to add more groups of people to the mix,” said Zeta sister Shannon Stocklin, who also served as event coordinator for Big Man on Campus.

The theater was filled with laughter as each brave and good humored guy stepped into the spotlight. Questions were of your typical beauty pageant, but the answers were anything but traditional.

Senior Mike Zurawski was crowned this year’s Big Man on Campus. After pretending to break his guitar on the stairs, he wooed the crowd with his rendition of “I wanna grow old with you” and answered the question, “If you were trapped on an island what are three things that you would want to have with you?” Zurawski’s response was “a Z, T and an A, so I could have all of my Zeta girls together.”
Junior Ryan Bankert was crowned as crowd favorite. He entered the competition as an Amish Man and for his talent, sang his own song to the background of “Margaritaville” while looking rather manly in a floral bikini top and hula skirt.

Senior Ross Mills was considered most talented in this year’s competition. As WC’s very own Nicki Minaj, he completely blew everyone away with his talent of playing the keyboard while rapping to Nicki Minaj’s latest hit, “Super Bass.” He stood out wearing a Duct Tape dress with a gold chain and orange wig.
Senior John Lesser stood out among the rest with his clever talent of improvisation. He was quick on his feet and brought a lot of laughs. He gave a lot of credit to the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha for hosting the event and shed some light on his own experience with breast cancer and just how appreciative he was.

Junior Aaron Ellison played the saxophone with his own jazz mix in the background.Senior Ian Holstrom of the WC Honor Board entered representing the Zeta’s lacrosse jersey ordered for War on the Shore 2011. His talent showed off his singing capabilities with a great pitch and he was dressed dapper as always. Junior Dylan Stewart worked the crowd with his dance to “Risky Business” and had so much energy. He really brought the house down with his moves.

Junior Rob Storck showed everyone just how they should’ve put a ring on it. Wearing a leotard and dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” Storck was definitely a crowd pleaser. Sophomore Eli Banghart showed off his jazzercise moves. “I certainly got a work-out,” said Banghart. He entered the competition wearing bunny ears and a tail. “He is possibly Zeta’s newest member,” said junior Kaitlyn Sidney-Werner.

“I want to thank all of our contestants; we truly appreciate this because without them this event is not possible. They are all great guys and have done a wonderful job,” said Stocklin.

The annual “Big Man on Campus” is sure to be an event that continues on in the future of WC, and in the legacy that the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha leave behind. All proceeds raised benefit Breast Cancer Awareness and Education organizations.

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