Annual Cake-Off, Everyone Wants a Piece

By Kim Uslin
Elm Staff Writer

The annual WC Cake-Off is anything but a piece of cake. 13 teams have 45 minutes to shape and decorate their own cake. During this time, students and community members pay a $3 spectator fee at the door that would guarantee them unlimited cake at the competition’s end. All proceeds from the Cake Off benefit the Hunger Project, which is a program that works in conjunction with grassroots organizations in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Donations are given to local governments or women in communities in order to educate people on better nutrition and work to end global poverty and hunger.

The event took place in the Student Center and consisted of an Ace of Cakes-style cake decorating contest. Participating members worked their hardest to produce a cake that could be judged in the areas of overall appearance, originality, and school spirit. In order to participate, each team had to pay a $12 entry fee, as well as $3 per layer of chocolate or vanilla cake. The pre-made cake and icing was provided by the bakers in the dining hall, but all other decorating materials had to be supplied by the teams themselves.

While the teams worked diligently, senior Christian Matthews kept everyone entertained with music and witty commentary. Also roaming the venue was Gus the Goose, who watched with delight as several cakes took on his likeness. Judging the competition were Director of Student Activities Emmanuel Lalande, Dining Hall Baker Toni May, and Area Director Sarah Brill.

The judges had some difficult decisions to make. Cakes ranged in theme from school-spirited renditions of Gus the Goose and Kirby Stadium such as created by Team Science, the Bake Club, Listen to Marie, the Fab Four, and the SGA. Fun animal cakes were also created such as Three Little Ponies’ pony cake, Team Kelty’s crab cake, and ABC’s turkey cake. More artistic renderings, such as Oishi’s creative Asian-inspired cake, the Future Housewives of America’s feminine floral cake, Pumped Up Cakes’ depiction of Da Vinci’s Starry Night, and Las Galletitas’ beautiful layer cake were also created.

As the minutes wound down, teams rushed to complete the finishing touches. Disaster struck for ABC, whose turkey cake met its demise before judging. SGA scrambled wildly to find a lighter in order to ignite the ‘lights’ of Kirby Stadium. Countdown began at the ten-second mark, after which utensils had to be put down and hands put up.

As the judges deliberated, spectators and competitors alike were able to walk around and see the finished products. Eventually, the results were announced: Las Galletitas won 1st for their phenomenal creation, followed by The Fab Four in 2nd, and Team Kelty in 3rd. Oishi took the top spot for the most original cake, while Pumped Up Cakes was awarded the best use of icing. Because all of the cakes were in some way school-spirited, the judges decided to change that category to most ambitious and awarded it to ABC’s failed but lovely turkey cake. The Cake Off concluded with the cutting of the cakes, which were reported to be delicious by all who attended.

Service Council Global Committee Chair Sarah DiPasquale was pleased with the event’s success: “I think it was really great. Last year there were only 8 teams and it was held in the Egg, which is a smaller venue. This year there were obviously 12 teams and more people came to the event, or at least knew what the event was. I think everyone had a lot of fun, including the judges.” She believes that the success is due in part to better advertisement, and hopes for the continued success of the Cake Off.

“I think more people should definitely get involved next year because it’s such a fun event but also works for a good cause. The WC and Chestertown communities are able to come together and enjoy the event while serving the global community.”

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