Charlie Glowacki: WC Remembers

By Maegan Clearwood
News Editor

- Photo courtesy of Justin Barker

This Tuesday evening, Tawes Theater was filled with memories, friends, and laughter in honor of Charlie Glowacki, a previous Washington College student who passed away suddenly a week ago.

Although Glowacki was only a student for a year, his impact on those around him was long-lasting.
Dean of Students Sarah Feyerherm and Drama Department Chair Dr. Michelle Volansky opened the memorial service with their own of Glowacki memories.

“What was so neat about Charlie was that the last time I was talking to him, it was like I was talking to a little brother or friend,” Feyerherm said. “Thank you for reminding me of why I love working with students.”

Feyerherm emphasized Glowacki’s “unflinching honesty,” a trait for which many in the audience remembered him.

She also noted the many friends who came for the service, “the kind of friends who wanted to come out on a rainy night the week before finals to say goodbye.”

Dr. Volansky, Glowacki’s advisor during his year at WC, shared her favorite memories of him and quoted two of her favorite passages in his honor.

“We sat in my office frequently and cried together, about a lot of things,” she said. “Thank you for reminding me of the value of why we’re in the world.”

Glowacki’s peer mentor Katie Skarwecki recounted his work backstage during her senior thesis play, which came to be dubbed “The Charlie Show.”

“At his funeral Saturday, the church was packed. I think that was really telling,” she said. “Raise your imaginary glass to the Charlie show.”

Junior Nina Sharp, one of Glowacki’s friends and peers, also shared.

“He just had this smile. Even if he was having a down day, his smile made you feel better. It was his job in life to make people smile,” she said.

The stage was then opened to anyone who wanted to commemorate Glowacki’s life.

Friends told stories of playing hide-and-seek with Glowacki during rehearsals, recounted jokes and dinner conversations, and laughed as they remembered the one-and-only “Charlie Dance.”

Director of Public Safety Jerry Roderick closed the evening with his own memories of Glowacki, who immortalized himself as one of Public Safety’s most notorious and beloved students.

“He was the first freshman to get to know every single one of my officers by a first name basis within a month of being on campus,” Roderick said. “He really liked it here. He liked the people here.”

2 thoughts on “Charlie Glowacki: WC Remembers

  1. On behalf of our family, we truly appreciate the outpouring of sympathy and support from the Washington College community. Charlie loved everything about Wash Coll, especially his friends, professors and mentors (of which there were many). It is comforting to us to know that he was remembered so fondly.

    Thank you,

    Trish Glowacki (Charlie’s mom)

  2. All at WC,
    What a wonderful tribute to Charlie. I am sorry it took me a month to find this article but….. It is obvious to us, Charlie’s family, that he loved his time at Washington College, had great friends there, and your remembering Charlie gives us great comfort.

    Kindest Regards – Charlie’s Family

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