Dream Share Project Films Documentary, Shares with WC

By Kim Uslin
Elm Staff Writer

Believe it or not, life after WC does exist. The goal of your years spent here are to realize those dreams and passions, and to gain the tools that will one day make them a reality.The Career Center, Student Events Board, and C.V. Starr Center recently collaborated to bring the Dream Share Project to campus.This event consisted of a workshop and film that focused on the achievement of dreams and the pursuit of passion in the face of adversity. The workshop was created and hosted by recent WC alumnus Chip Hiden and his girlfriend, Alexis Irvin.

While the workshop was not particularly well-attended, with only about 15 participants, it was enriching for all present. Workshop attendants participated in such activities as writing their own obituaries, which forced evaluation of what they wanted to have accomplished at the end of their lives and what type of person they desired to be. Other activities included answering questions about what they would do if money was not an issue and outlining their true dreams and desires as well as plans and strategies for achieving those dreams.
Despite poor attendance, SEB Director of Variety Events and Collaborations senior Olivia Kittel was pleased with the workshop: “I know that everyone was very busy with end-of-semester work, but I think [Hiden and Irvin] were very inspiring. I think that everyone who actually attended said they enjoyed it and it was helpful. There was definitely a positive response.”

The film that followed the workshop was a documentary made about Hiden and Irvin’s country-wide journey and search for people who had discovered and achieved their dreams. The couple interviewed everyone from a Project Runway designer to a former Olympian, discussing the idea of dreams, passions, and how to pursue them. These successful people offered wisdom and advice to college graduates like Hiden and Irvin who want to find and realize their dreams.
Through these interviews, the documentary explored the concept of discovering dreams and committing to them, even in the face of setbacks. “The movie offered lessons to the viewer about how to discover your dream and how to achieve it,” said Kittel. “Chip was an original member of the SEB, so we wanted to bring him back to represent a student who is important and influential. We hoped that he would inspire students on campus.”

According to Hiden and Irvin’s website, the Dream Share Project is intended to “encourage people to live up to their fullest potential and resist the societal pressure to play it safe.” The couple has been traveling around the country sharing this message, and Kittel believes it to be an important one for Washington College. “I think it’s important to have programs like the Dream Share Project that are not only enjoyable, but can be inspiring and beneficial as well. The workshop and film can help people, especially students, figure out what they want to do. Most people at our age have no idea what they want to do. Students in college are insecure about following their dreams because they want something that is a guarantee or will offer financial stability. Your passion might not always result in the most secure job, but it’s so important, at least in my opinion, to follow your dreams.”

For more information, articles, and interviews from people who have achieved their dreams visit:www.thedreamshareproject.com.

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