Chef Tony Says Goodbye

By Leland Fiegel
Elm Web Master

Chef Tony Corbin smiles as he works at the Lemon Leaf Cafe grill. Although he no longer cooks for the WC dining hall, students can visit Corbin in town.
- Photo courtesy of Alison Percich

Anthony “Chef Tony” Corbin, one of the most easily recognizable faces in Hodson Dining Hall, has stepped down from his position on staff. He announced his decision to leave his job at Washington College on Facebook, where he is friends with a number of current students and alumni.

2012 would have been his fifth year working at the dining hall.

“I might cry. Chef, you will be a legend around WAC for years and years to come. We will never be able to explain your amazing cooking to the freshmen. I don’t think I can even go back now,” said junior Beilin Zia.

Many commented on Corbin’s facebook iprofile, sharing their fond memories of the jovial chef who, up until this year, manned the “My Pantry” station of the dining hall.

“Chef Tony was a great chef and always friendly with the students […] and will be missed greatly at WAC. It is unfortunate future students won’t be able to get to know Tony like we did,” said WC alumnus Christopher Farley ‘11 said.

According to Corbin, he left over issues with management.
Dining Services Director Donna Dhue-Wilkins declined to comment.
Although Corbin is not longer a WC worker, he is currently working at the Lemon Leaf Café in Chestertown, just a short drive away from the dining hall.

Corbin’s favorite memory of his time at Washington College was working at Birthday Ball last year where he got a rare opportunity to see students at their leisure, not just eating between classes.

“I just want to say thanks to all of you for making my time there pleasant,” he said.

Most importantly, he wanted to let students know of the positive impact they have had on his life.

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  1. I was sad to read of Tony’s departure but understand fully what he faced on a daily basis. I know many students and staff alike will miss him dearly. How could we ever forget his wise words of encouragement and steadfast hope for better days for all at Washington College? And how about his wonderful smile?!! Another valuable asset down the drain due to the current piss poor management in place in many departments at Washington College. It wasn’t that he didn’t try to make things better. We both sat on Staff Council and presented the issues many staff face and fear speaking out against. What a disappointment to learn nothing has changed in that area since I, too, left for the same reason. I wish you the best of luck Tony! I believe better days are ahead for you personally and professionally.

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