Romney vs. Obama in the 2012 Election

By Kyle Sepe

Elm Staff Writer

An ancient Hebrew proverb purports, “Promise little and do much.” I think President Obama mixed those two up.

Remember when Matt Lauer interviewed Barack Obama in 2008? Obama asserted passionately, “If I don’t have this done in three years, there’s going to be a one term proposition.” Well, here we are.

He also mentioned in 2010, ever so subtly, “I think a year from now, people are going to see we are starting to make some progress.” Hmmm.

President Obama seems to bypass his failures. Since 2008, gas prices have doubled, unemployment has been oscillating between eight and ten percent because people have discontinued their search for a job, and no job augmentation has transpired. Healthcare premiums increased over 10%. (I thought we passed the prophetic healthcare plan?) Obama has contradicted himself by smarmily embraced Wall Street campaign money , increased the national debt over $5 trillion and exploited tax payer money to fund and sustain bankrupt green energy companies like Solyndra Oh, and for electric “cars” that spontaneously combust after a 45 minute drive.

Change in 2012 anyone?

Considering Mitt Romney decisively won Florida and Nevada last week, perhaps this can be variously construed. Although there is still a chance Republicans could nominate a different candidate, let’s mold one scenario: Romney vs. Obama in 2012.

By working in the private sector, Mitt Romney has espoused the philosophical wisdom of the lynchpins of a vibrant economy. Additionally, as governor of Massachusetts, he reversed the weakening of a state geared for severe recessions. Profligate spending subsided, while he purged a $3 billion deficit (without raising taxes—something that bamboozles Obama). The Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, on the brink of collapse at the time, was resuscitated superbly. He mediated deteriorating businesses, thus establishing victorious commerce.

On the contrary, now that President Obama has a platform to run on, we can actually dissect what he has “done.”

But it’s George W. Bush’s fault!

Will President Obama ever emulate decisive leadership and instill in Americans the patriotism our founding fathers advocated? This man has manufactured a feeble and apologetic country. President Obama’s policies have worsened the economy, while Americans cringe at the future of Obamacare. Upon graduation, college students are not able to find jobs, and their graduation present is a sordid national debt of $15.5 trillion!

President Obama says it is “unpatriotic” Bush’s fault. Well, perhaps after his first year of office, he could stipulate that nonsensical liberal ludicrousness; however, he has been president for over three years now and the “change” he brought America is making most people regurgitate- money, that is.

Will Obama run on a platform of blaming Bush in 2012?

While the White House “czars” nonchalantly watch tumbleweeds drift amongst the Oval Office, Obama has vacationed in Hawaii, played a few rounds of golf with his buddies, traveled to whimsical Disney World, sang some Al Green, and rallied together the people that still support him. Check!

He is frantically campaigning in battleground states, hoping he will continue to indoctrinate his cronies. Obama has also recently run his first national campaign add, the earliest ever. Why would he be campaigning this early in winner-take all battleground states like Ohio and Michigan? The man is trying to secure a second term…with change of course.

The liberal media’s secret admirer is running scared. People cannot sanely vote for a man that has legitimately made things worse while shifting blame to others for his mistakes. Obama promised, promised, promised in 2008. Thus, while Obama runs on a mistaken platform of promises and change in 2012, Mitt Romney will run on a platform of positive government reform, successful business recovery, and will promise, but actually do much.

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