Skate Shop Wheels into Town

By Leland Fiegel
Elm Web Master

East Coast Skates, now located on 805 High Street, offers a wide array of skating supplies and accessories. The store also boasts a mini-arcade and, soon, a skate ramp.
- Photo courtesy of Ashley Carol-Fingerhut

Skateboarders and longboarders at Washington College no longer have to go to Baltimore or Annapolis to pick up their skating supplies, because East Coast Skates has just opened up shop on 805 High Street in Chestertown.

Owner and proprietor Jamie “Muss” Musselman said he opened his skate shop because, “there aren’t any other skate shops in Kent County. The demand is definitely there.”

Previously East Coast Skates was just run as an online business. Musselman then decided to open up a physical retail store in addition to his online venture. The skate shop is usually open from around 11 a.m. until 8 -10 p.m.

In the new location, Musselman hopes to have a skate ramp available in about a week. It should be a nice draw for people looking to get a skate-park-style fix without traveling hours away to a city.

Musselman hopes East Coast Skates will be a nice hangout for WC students and local residents alike. He also expressed interest in supporting some sort of skateboarding, longboarding, or downhill racing club if there was interest at the College.

While the skate shop may be a new establishment, WC students have already begun to take notice.

WC sophomore Ryan Smuz said that, “it’s a sweet place to chill and the owners are really good about pricing their stuff to fit a student’s budget.”

Musselman was born and raised in Anne Arundel County, but his wife grew up in Chestertown. Musselman has been living in Chestertown for the past three years.

“You need to have something to do around here,” Musselman said.

Not only is there skating equipment available for purchase, but also clothing and junk food. There’s also a mini-arcade.

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