Valentine’s Dance Shines, Huge Turnout of WC Students

By Emily Sallade
Elm Staff Writer

On Saturday, Feb. 12, the Service Council held a Senior Citizen Prom at Heron Point. The dance is a Valentine’s Day tradition that is held annually. This is the third year of the event.

The dance is a partnership between the Service Council and Heron Point Community, with supplying the food and decorations. The students advertise on campus and make
the necessary arrangements for flowers, prizes, and the shuttle to the dance.
“That is what is good about annual events because once basics and connections are established, it gets easier to plan every year,” said Kelsey Mills, a Service Council member.

Mills said the dance would not be possible without the help of Heron Point staff, especially Kim Barrol, director of activies. “Without her this event wouldn’t have been (possible). She has worked with us since the beginning.”

Committee chairs who planned the Valentine’s Day dance are Sarah Franklin and Katie Despeaux. “The Senior Prom is a great opportunity to bridge the age gap and allows Washington College students the opportunity to develop a relationship with the residents,” said Franklin. “Furthermore, Valentine’s Day can be an extremely lonely time for (some of) the residents because they have lost their spouse so it is a great opportunity to make a difference and brighten their day. I think having an event at Heron Point brings awareness to the retirement community, which may otherwise be overlooked. Additionally, the Senior Prom allows the entire campus to become involved
and make a difference in a residents’ day.”

“We enjoy working with the staff at Heron Point and I know that the residents there love our event,” said Mills. “It is important to link the close knit community of Chestertown to our even closer knit campus. The relationship is very important to maintain and events like these help it to be accomplished. I hope this event brings a stronger sense of community to our current WC population. It means so much to everyone at Heron Point when we work with them.”
Several students were in attendance this year, among them members of WC’s sororities, fraternities, and clubs. The dance was a success, with not only the students having enjoyed it, but the residents of Heron Point as well.

“After the dance multiple residents informed me that they were so happy the college had this event and were very appreciative,” said Franklin. “They loved the concept and enjoyed speaking with the students.”

“We had so many students in attendance this year, it was almost overwhelming.” said Jesse Schaefer. “I think we’ll need a bigger space next year.”

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