Town Hall and President Reiss

By Joshua Ely
Elm Staff Writer

Students that were eager to have their voices, and more importantly, their thoughts, heard, got the chance to do so with WC President Reiss. The event was a “town hall” style meeting held by the SGA in The Egg on Thursday March 22.

The Question and Answer session started off with a question about the College’s plans as far as newly acquired property was concerned. President Reiss stated that there are plans to build a facility for rowers, which would include a recreational component. The property would also serve as home to a new student facility, called the “River Lodge” that could be used for events, meetings and other functions.

A brand new academic building is also in the cards, serving as additional space sought after by those engaging in Environmental Studies. The space that they would subsequently leave behind could also be used for another subject. Not wanting any opportunity for the school to expand to go to waste, President Reiss also spoke of plans to revitalize the armory, including the possibility of the addition of a patio area. This project, as evident by its various parts, is quite extensive, and is years down the pipeline.

Another project, expected to begin in around three years, when state funding may be secured, is the use of the space that housed the Board of Education building. Some of the space has already been turned into a parking lot available to students. The building itself could be retooled into a new academic building. President Reiss said that there are phases in mind for the riverfront project, and funding will be required, but overall, the plan should be moving ahead eventually.

The President was next asked about the size of the school, and if he thought the college was moving in a positive direction. He said he believes that the school has “room to grow”. A slightly increased size would lead to greater student diversity, greater participation in the arts and athletics, allow for an expansion of the school’s faculty and would still allow the College to stay small, a fact that proves attractive to many who attend.

The President was next asked about students with classes that have lab sections, and whether students are getting a fair amount of college credit. He answered that students who sign up for these courses should be well aware of the workload that they are taking on, and should be able to handle it.

President Reiss was asked next about designated smoking areas for students, which should be implemented. He was also asked about the possibility of the college implementing a minimum GPA policy, a feature President Reiss was for.

He was then asked about what sororities can do to get more notoriety for performing charitable works. He said that he and the First Lady certainly notice their efforts. The President was asked about the quality of signage of campus, and stated that the school intends to improve campus signage eventually.

He also spoke about the need to improve school spirit, suggesting that a flat screen TV could be placed in the Casey Academic Center, resulting in a new bulletin board system replacing the currently outdated one. He cautioned that this was an issue that could not be immediately solved.

He was, however, able to give answer to a question about the school’s athletic policy regarding coaches. He stated that it is untrue that the school would dismiss coaches without a strong winning record, since the school is committed to academic endeavors first, and that the school recognizes the efforts of coaches across the board. The meeting managed to raise many interesting questions, and demonstrated the commitment of both the students and WC President Reiss.

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