Letter to the Editor: Support for Same Sex Bill

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to your article “Same-Sex Bill Passes, EROS Responds” by Emily Blackner. In the beginning of the article, I was unclear as to whether Blackner was celebrating the passage of this bill, or whether this was a report on the fact that EROS is pleased. The point I am getting at is that we always have the tendency to think that if the burdens of social injustice do not directly impact us, then it is not our problem. Well, this is not the case and should not be the case.

I have to admit that I will never be able to fully understand the oppression of someone within the LGBTQ community. But I have grasped the simple idea that differences in humanity exist, and I have chosen to be accepting of those differences. For those who have a different disposition, I do ask that you understand this unfussy idea, and even if you will never be accepting of these differences, that you are more tolerant and willing to learn about them. Working backwards from the last sentence, I believe learning will not only lead to tolerance, but it can even better lead to acceptance.

Kurt Lewin, a social psychologist asserted that a person who has learned to see how much their fate depends on the fate of an entire group is ready, willing, and eager to take a fair share of responsibility for the welfare of the group. Experiential knowledge about social injustice can thus never be comparable to conceptual knowledge. If I tell you that water pollution decreases the amount of dissolved oxygen and kills the fish by suffocation, we can all feel terrible about this. But unless we are suffocated, can we really appreciate our oxygen and advocate for cleaner waters?

Therefore, for those not experiencing sexuality injustices, we still need to advocate for “cleaner waters.” This is not the sole responsibility of a single group, to please a single group, but really is the responsibility of all of us. Being silent about the dying fish because you are not a fish, only means more fish will die.
Your responsibility lies somewhere between being silent and doing something to prevent more fish from dying. Those who cause water pollution have absolutely no god-given-right to do so. The same way those who make these bills, laws, and whatever else have no authority whatsoever to create anything that interferes with the happiness of another human being.

The same sex bill has passed and I am somewhat pleased. I am somewhat pleased with the fact that many are starting to realize that a marriage is a private arrangement between two individuals—and not an issue of the government!

– Larissa Check ‘12

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