War On the Shore: A New Game

By J. Box
Insider Extraordinaire

In light of Salisbury University hosting the War on the Shore lacrosse game this year, it has been announced that Washington College will host a War on the Shore of its own. Two Tributes, a boy and a girl, from each class from both Washington College and Salisbury, will be chosen from a lottery to participate. At the start of each semester, the name of the student was placed in the lottery as part of admission, except for the boy’s lacrosse team which is exempt due to the game at Salisbury.

A student can elect to add their name in multiple times in order to gain a slight decrease in their tuition for the semester as well as increase their chance of becoming tribute. There is no way to remove a student’s name from the lottery once it has been received. Another student may take the place of a student selected by the lottery by stepping forward and offering themselves as tribute, provided they are present at the lottery and volunteer no later than two minutes after the Tribute’s name has been called.

The lottery will be drawn April 13, on the Green behind the Hill Dorms in front of George Washington’s statue. Please be sure to visit the Admissions Office before April 12, if you wish to enter your name in a second time.

For the week leading up to War on the Shore on April 21, the selected tributes will be trained in various weapons and survival skills to ensure an even playing field as this will be a fight to the bitter end. This will include the students from Salisbury, so please refrain from the normal sportsman-like rivalries that appear between our colleges when events such as these occur since all the tributes will need to concentrate and work hard in order to have the best chance in the War on the Shore game this year.

The WC War on the Shore will begin at 7 a.m. sharp in the created arena that will encompass the Roy Kirby Jr. Stadium as well as the Athey Baseball Park, the green between Chester and Sassafras, and the Stadium parking lot. Construction on this arena will begin after the tributes have been chosen, so please be careful when traversing these areas. Details of the arena will not be released before the game as it may give an unfair advantage to one or more of the Tributes. The College is in high hopes that this new War on the Shore game will be a success and continued in the years to come. Although, of course, held at Salisbury as the alternating college grounds tradition will still apply.

WC wishes all the students luck and remember, the odds may even be in your favor.

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