Insider Tips on Surviving Your First Year at WC: The Lowdown on Laundry, Meals, and Parking


  • Laundry cards are available for purchase in the bookstore
    • Reload your card in Hodson Student Center with cash – An ATM is available in Hodson
  • Don’t leave your laundry sitting in washer or dryer for an extended period of time
  • If you need a washer or dryer and none are available, wait at least 15 minutes after their laundry cycle is complete before moving someone else’s laundry to a clean place to free up a machine for yourself
  • Don’t forget to clean the lint trap before you use the dryers

Meal Swipes:

  • Be sure to use only your own student ID to swipe for meals
  • Dining/Flex Dollars come as part of each meal plan and can be added if you find that you run out and need more
    • Set up your account through to add Meal Dollars and check your balance
  • Tips to get the most out of your meal plan:
    • Get a to-go box if you’re in a rush—don’t forget to return it during your next dining hall visit
    • Meals are reset each Saturday night—your leftover meals do not rollover from week to week
    • Take advantage of alternative dining options after 8 p.m.
    • You have a given number of guest meals depending on your meal plan; however you may also use Flex Dollars to purchase a guest’s meal
    • Check out menus for dining areas online. They are not always up-to-date, but usually are, so make sure you check anyway.


  • Do not park in faculty spaces or commuter spaces (without a PS issued hang tag)! Public Safety WILL find you and WILL ticket you
    • Use the Western Shore parking lot on the far side of campus (other side of baseball field and Western Shore dorms) or Board of Education Building (across from campus green on Washington Avenue). The walk from the Western Shore lot is eight minutes to the other side of campus, so make sure you allow yourself time to park and get to class
  • If you get a ticket that you feel you wrongly received, go to the Public Safety office to plead your case. There are appeal forms on the wall when you first walk in that you can fill out. PS will contact you to let you know their decision.
  • Register your car with Public Safety as soon as possible upon arriving to campus
    • They will begin to ticket unregistered vehicles soon after the start of classes.

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