The Chic Choice: Phaedra Scott mixes it up on and off stage

Sometimes, when getting ready for your 8:30, fashion can fall lower on the priorities list than, say, caffeine or summoning the will to stand does. Ever the overachievers, many WC students nevertheless manage to get to class (or Java George) and look good doing it!  The Chic Choice recognizes those who do and earn their A+ in sartorial savvy.
A double major in drama and history and artistic director of the Independent Playhouse, junior Phaedra Scott knows that a little flair can set the stage for a statement-making outfit. Her late-summer look, topped off with a bright neon blazer, makes her this week’s Chic Choice.

What she’s wearing
Light pink lace top, mustard skirt, hot pink blazer, printed sandals, gray bandana

Where she got it
The top and blazer were H&M purchases, the skirt is Forever 21, and the shoes are from DSW

Why she chose it
“It’s fun and summery, but it can also turn formal pretty quickly if I need it to,” said Scott. Take note, first years: “It’s always great to make a put-together first impression!”

Style Inspiration
Musician Corrine Bailey Rae. “Her use of colors mixed with revamped clothing of the past inspires me to create my own look that mixes more bold colors and patterns coupled with simple cuts.”

Views on campus style
“Depends on who you’re looking at; there’s a lot of different styles ranging from the on-the-go athletes to preppy styles.”

Can’t leave the dorm without
“Any hair accessory; I always have to have something in my hair in order to go out!”

And for those freshmen looking to test out new styles, Phaedra has this advice:
“Try everything; you’ll know if it works for you by how you feel in it!”

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