Letter to the Editor: A Call for Equality and Accuracy

Dear Editor,

I will begin this response writing not as a Democrat or a Republican, but as a member of the Washington College community who feels she has been underrepresented. Usually, the Elm does a fairly good job bringing to light the opinions of everyone on campus.

However, in this week’s issue, I felt quite differently. On one side, you will see Kyle Sepe’s “A Call for Change in Today’s Economy” and on the other “The Truth About College Journalism.”

Where is the equality, writers of the Elm? In “The Truth About College Journalism” you report that you put, “ethics and objectivity first with [our] reporting,” but there is nothing objective about portraying only one viewpoint by a paid staff writer. Surely, it would be much more fair to keep such an obviously biased opinion piece next to an opposing view written by another paid staff Elm writer as well.

Secondly, with a more liberal voice, I ask you where are you getting your facts? You simply take obvious fallacies and draw ridiculous conclusions from them. If you’re going to be paid to write by the Elm, at least ensure that you keep your facts straight.

If you were to truly do some investigating, as any mediocre writer would, you would notice obvious problems with your argument. Mitt Romney is not the ideal businessman, savvy with economic policy as you paint him out to be. When Romney was governor, Massachusetts ranked 47 out of 50 in job creation. Under President Barack Obama, the country has seen 30 consecutive months of positive job creation. And, to be even more precise- 4.6 million new private sector jobs.

If Romney ran this country as he ran his private equity firm, the entire middle class of America would fall to pieces, and the division of wealth would become more unequal than ever.

Furthermore, Mr. Sepe states that, “Young Americans cannot afford this reckless spending.” That so-called “reckless” spending under President Obama has brought forth positive job growth, lower unemployment, and perhaps most importantly for us as college students, more federal money for Pell Grants and Student Loan money. Uneducated voters are the worst kind. Don’t be one of them.

Jillian Gobrecht ‘15

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