Letter to the Editor: Bill Nye Keeps Cool in the Face of Ignorance

Dear Editor,

I am writing to bring to light a myth that was discussed as fact in The Elm. On page four there was an article called “Bill Nye: Still the Science Guy,” discussing Bill Nye challenging Todd Akin to a debate after being told that he was the cause of Hurricane Issac and other equally ridiculous claims.

The fact of the matter is Mr. Nye never challenged Akin to a debate. He has never in fact given his reply to Akin’s slander. While the spirit of the article was good, the facts were unfortunately not very thoroughly checked.

There is a YouTube video that does include Bill Nye saying that “to grownups, if you want to deny evolution […] that’s fine, but don’t make your kids do it because we need them.” Akin did in fact reply negatively to this video, but that’s where the truth stops.

There was no challenge and Akin did not in fact accept the challenge. The article making this claims was made by the Daily Current, a newspaper that openly admits that its articles are fictitious yet relevant to real world issues in a satircal way.

I hope this can be brought to light so no one can get the wrong idea about the character of Nye. He is a stronger man than the challenge would lead you to believe, and would not in fact lose his temper in the way that it was suggested.

It is very likely that he gets things like this all the time, and though he has not accepted it apathetically, he certainly doesn’t let such foolishness get the better of him. This is certainly not to diminish the picture of Mr. Nye presented, and in fact I hope that we will praise the man for keeping his cool when presented with the very thing he wishes to overcome: ignorance.

Tye Van Horn, ‘15

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