Letter to the Editor: UUCR and PFLAG Extends Welcome

Dear Editor,

The hospitality offered to many Chestertown community organizations last Friday at the Community Connections Fair sponsored by the Office of Student Development was generous and rewarding. As one person working to represent two different organizations (with some help from others along the way), I found the day to be full of cordial and curious students.

Whether they were returning or new to campus, the quality of the interactions we shared was impressive! Thanks to those who took the time to reach out, provide us with cool beverages on such a hot day, and make sure that everyone had what they needed to network.

Connections will be continuing between the campus EROS group and the PFLAG Chestertown Chapter. The Unitarian Universalists of the Chester River also enjoy having students participate in our services and programs. Dr. David Newell, formerly of the philosophy department is our part time minister. When he is not speaking, we have other speakers of note such as Dr. Balu Athreya who will be speaking on Sunday Sept. 16. on “Five Levels of Forgiveness in the Buddhist Practic.” Services start at 10 a.m. Both of my organizations have websites where more information is available.

Those websites are not able to say thank you! That is the purpose of this letter to the Elm. Keep up the great work Washington College! We value our interactions with you including enjoying your wonderful dining hall most Sundays after our service where we treat our speakers to lunch and more community based discussions!

We look forward to a great shared year ahead.

Linda Dutton
UUCR Member and PFLAG Chestertown Secretary

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